Saturday, June 18, 2005

Strange but cool

Life is quite advanced and modern at Mount Carmel College, especially when you take up Communicative English! There is a lot of freedom of speech and thought; something I never expected from this college. Here I’ve got chances to be free with our lecturers yet respect them; it’s a mutual understanding. The faculty is simply wonderful! I may not be the type to always laugh and chat with them, but I respect almost all of them.
The coolest and strangest thing that I experienced last year was when my H.O.D, Mrs. Sahana Das, would message me (sometimes) and our class rep, saying classes were cancelled! I was so happy and proud of this informality that I’d show off to my family and friends, telling them my lecturer is so cool.
The reason I was so pleasantly shocked was because I’m so used to being formal with my teachers. At MCC I’ve learnt to balance!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Half truths are not lies....

Half truths are not lies.
Half lies are not truths.
Each type misleads you.
Each type hurts you.
Trust is what you had.
Faith is what you wanted.
Pain is what you got.
Deception is what you have.

Life is a game of risks.
Life has its turns and twists.
It’s all a vicious circle.
History will repeat itself.
Doing good didn’t do you any.
Doing bad disturbed your peace.
Doing things impulsively caused regrets.

Your mind is confused.
This phase has no name.
Lost in thought.
Glazed eyes and a cold heart.
Its not so cold as you want it to be.
It bled and now the drops are frozen.
Nothing is unexpected anymore.
Nothing is expected anymore.

Love is undefined.
Relationships change everyday.
It’s definition varies from people to people.
Secrets have a weird cause.
Why keep any when everyone’s in the same boat.
Why hide when nothing’s worth.
Touch reality and its gone.
Like a vapor truth keeps disappearing.
Perplexed you look around.

Half truths are not lies.
Half lies are not truths.