Monday, September 08, 2008

Life cannot be programmed

The other day when I was talking to a friend who was bothered about controlling things, I said something : "Life cannot be programmed."
I was surprised by my sudden profound statement, since I can be a control freak too!

But that line really hit me. It hit us both.

For eg: sometimes no matter how hard you try to get to a movie, you cant. You can go to 4 theatres on the same day, but if you are not meant to watch that movie that day, you wont. That's how things are... you probably can watch another movie, or hang out, but sometimes the forces are beyond your control.

Of course I dont mean that such issues as missing a desired movie is as important in life's scheme of things.
There are bigger issues, bigger decisions, that matter so much that you cant sleep at night. That keep you awake, because you are so busy planning what to say to this person, how to go about it etc... and then on that day, you discuss something totally different, things become weird, and out of your programme. Your mental picture, the scenario you created, and apprehended, are different and suddenly your expected to cope with the new situation.

I've been facing this and I realised that, if my goal is pure, if my reason is justified to me, if Im happy, then the new 'unapprehended'/'unprogrammed' situation cant be so bad! Because you dont need preparation for something you believe in,your voice and words carry conviction if you are truly convinced. Thus whatever the scenario is, the battle wont be so bad.

Whatever happens, whether you succeed or fail, you are content, because you did what you had to do. Even if it was for the that moment, period of time etc...

What you do can be right or wrong to others,but in the end, was it right to you when you actioned it? Thats all that counts, and gives you a peaceful sleep!