Monday, May 28, 2007

The Beautiful Irony

Due to the water shortage in Bangalore, esp in my locality.. we've been trying to economise our water usage. We now pump water from our well for non-edible purposes. Quite alot of work if one has to do it daily... but we are all used to it by now. We've been doing it for nearly 2-3 months now...

So the other day when it we had a downpour in Bangalore for nearly 2 hours, all over the city.
I couldnt help thinking :

"What alot of water is going waste!"

Then I caught myself horrified!!


And look at me... worried about even enjoying it. But thats what its come to!

BUT!this was when the downpour occurred, when I was travelling by car.

The day before that...when I was at home.. and it just rained.. moderately ...

I saw the most beautiful sight... :)

Colours of the rain

Green... greeen... lush greens... wet.. shining... singing... whistling... swaying.

My neem tree swayed and her large hairdo was ruffled and shaken..

My christmas tree stood as tall as possible.. but shook a bit.. (I giggled as I personified them)

My maroon car stood wet and shiny... brand new.. looking happy.
Yes I felt their happiness too.

The road ... dark, silver, greyish, black...

I felt dreamy... felt good.. Felt the wind.
The chill

The pleasant chill.


The water sprayed at me through the window.

I smiled. Kept smiling.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Dynamic lives.

Back to where it all started.

Walls cant be built anymore,
but emotions can.

Ground zero- no expectations.

I had learnt not to have any.
I had thought that was for loose times... thin strings..
Not thick and strong ones...
Boy was I dreaming?

I thought we had passed the ground level.... passed ground zero.

Now its back again....

Zero expectations.

There are very few people in this world who do things for people. I dunno why I was born in that category. I should be self-centered again.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bitter Bites


But it wasn’t that shocking… déjà vu

As I dug my teeth into the bitter moment…..

I thought…is there no logic and no reason,

for this bitterness to exist?

Mistakes.. done to me

Even I make them.

I know I’ll move past it… but it takes a while..

Sometimes its weird that I wish people see things

the way I do.

React like me.. feel like me…especially those close to me..

Be sensitive towards me.. like I would towards them.

But then that’s not possible.. cause everyone is not you.

Why does everything taste so bitter. I didn’t want such a huge bite.

Take it away from my face..

I need water