Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Curse of the Spider

On sunday due to house cleaning, a massive giant tarantula-like spider was found on my bed. I tried killing it and it played dead for a while. Then I freaked out seeing its long legs moving slowly... screamed... daddy strongest arrived. Killed it.

I don't usually kill spiders cause they help me kill mosquitoes etc...and they hardly occupy space to make the place icky- unlike cockroaches- anyway... but I had to kill this one cause it wasnt moving from my bed! and i was really scared it'll get inside it and crawl on me at night!

And that's exactly what happened!

They next day I found another smaller on on the edge of my bed. No wonder I had a few itches here and there on my arms!

Today was another one! or the same one.. cause I didnt kill it... got lost somewhere when I tried..
And my elbow have tiny itchy spider bites!

SO I guess its the curse of the BIG spider who I killed and its family!

But I'm still not sorry. I'd rather suffer than have a giant spider on my bed!! eeee...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008



No other word to substitute it.

Seldom appreciated, respecting one’s space is so crucial. It’s the one thing that can break relationships. Love and trust can’t make up for respect.

Cause with respect comes the above two elements…

I believe that every time someone infringes your space, your area… by imposing their views, a radar does go off. Internally.
But we don’t always react.

I don’t. several times, I’ve let it pass.

This is wrong. I should’ve stopped it when it was crossing limits. Instead I have an outburst. Its like I run out patience and then BOOM!

After that I have zilch feelings for that person. I become cold and unaffected. There’s no good or bad feeling towards him or her.

That’s just me…

But I guess I should learn not to let it get to that stage in the first place!