Thursday, December 29, 2005


Former IIT professor shot dead

DH News Service Bangalore:


Two days after the Delhi police apprehended some terrorists who were allegedly planning attacks on key sites across the country, including Bangalore, an armed assailant killed a retired IIT Delhi professor, M C Puri, and injured seven others in a daring assault on the delegates of an international conference at the premier Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore on Wednesday around 7 p.m. At least seven scientists were injured in the suspected terrorist attack in the J N Tata Auditorium premises on the IISc campus. An AK-47 rifle was used by the assailant. An unexploded hand grenade was found a few meters in front of the auditorium and an Ak-47, three magazines and 11 spent cartridges were recovered from the premises. Four bullets were also pumped into a Lancer car parked beside the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Constulancy building.


The Intelligence Bureau(IB) had alerted the city police and the state police in Nov. about a possible attack by the Lakshar-e-Toiba militant outfit.

According to the IB sources there were 3 such alerts over a span of 20 days to the state police.
IB sources told Deccan Herald that Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) during its recent meeting, had planned "a strategy with extremist groups to launch fresh attacks on a limited basis in the Indian territory,especially in the southern states."

The prime targets chosen were Bangalore and Hyderabad.

“Wednesday's terror shoot-out has raised doubts about the IT hub's security situation as the manhunt for the perpetrators of the suspected terror attack on the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) campus has been intensified. A high-level meeting will be conducted Thursday to take stock of the security situation.

Wednesday evening's daring strike has unnerved the city which has earned the reputation of being the country's technology hub housing some of the top software firms, which have now been asked to tighten security.”

-The Times Of India

‘The victim was an Emeritus Professor of Mathematics who had won several laurels for
his work on the subject. He was in Bangalore to attend an international seminar on 'Operational Research'.

"He used to go to Bangalore every year to attend the seminar. When this incident happened there was a girl standing in front of him and he had seen the attacker. He pushed the girl down and shouted that there has been an attack. The girl escaped unhurt while the bullet hit him," said Vikas Kumar, Professor's son-in-law.

The brother of the deceased also mourned the great loss."I remember my childhood when my brother used to take care of me like a guardian. He used to take great interest in my studies. It's all coming back to me now," said Y C Puri, brother.’


I'm just so shocked at the incident. It happened yeserday at 7 pm.The whole thing shook us...I know no place is safe now...but its never been more blatant..and somehow B'lore didnt fit into the bracket of being a target.
I felt so vulnerbale..and to some extent still do... Its really sad the way they shot randomly. It seems they didnt aim at any one in particular...On tv MC Puri's neighbour said "I hope whoever did this finds peace and doesnt attack innocent people...its a henious crime especially when he was such a decent and disciplined man..."
Its true..I hope they find peace too...or else this will never end.

I'm also extremely disappointed and ashamed of the police and the government .Man they got 3 alerts!!!!! sheesh!

sigh...hope MC Puri's family has courage and peace to cope with such a shocking and tragic incident.

Monday, December 26, 2005


I was introduced to Bic-runga by my friend a few months back. She has an awesome voice and fell in love with it, the minute I heard it. Her voice just flows from the speakers into my ears like sweet nectar!Whether I'm high, medium(blah mood) or low...I can listen to these songs anytime!:)

Cruel Intensions Soundtrack

Between an overload of information
And a striving for a pure dedication
I Find myself looking for the exit sign
See your pretty face in the sunshine
In the morning after staying up all night
I Want to wake you just to hear you
Tell me it's alright
And all I want to be is too much
Sometimes for me

Good morning baby
I hope I'm gonna make it through another day
Good morning baby
I hope I'm gonna make it through another day

See the stars and all the planets
Fly the great wide world and have it all
Yeah better get a ticket better get in line
I'm praying now for beautiful weather
Take a car and drive forever but I'm
Only ever sitting at the traffic light
And all the world to see is too much
Sometimes for me

Good morning baby
I hope I'm gonna make it through another day
Good morning baby
I hope we're gonna make it through another day (x2)

(And when you rise) And when you rise you'll find me here
(Open your eyes) And see myself reflected there
(And for awhile) A little room becomes an everywhere


From here to there to everywhere
And back to Union Square
Where do I get some sleep?
Anywhere the sleep dust lies
It decorates your eyes
Where do I get some sleep?

Stranded in June
Whistling the same old tune
But I do believe I might be having fun
I believe I might be having fun
Impeccably dressed in your second hand vest
We were waiting for the taxi to come

Putting on my daytime eyes
A good enough disguise
Until I get some sleep
Reading out the horoscopes
And using up our jokes
When do we get to sleep?

Stand on the moon
Find the light of my living room
Yes I do believe I might be having fun
I believe I might be having fun
Tune into the station
Make a dedication
This is going out to everyone
This is going out to everyone
This is going out to everyone
Something in the phrasing was quietly amazing
We were waiting for the chorus to come
This is going out to everyone
This is going out to everyone

From here to there to everywhere
And back to union square
Where do I get some sleep?
Anywhere the sleep dust lies
It decorates your eyes
When do I get some sleep?

Stranded in June
Whistling the same old tune
Yes I do believe I might be having fun
I believe I might be having fun
Tune into the station
Make a dedication
This is going out to everyone
This is going out to everyone
This is going out to everyone
This is going out to everyone
Going out to everyone
This is going out to everyone


Friday, December 23, 2005

Beauty tip

I came across this article on ubersexuals in The Week.

But I think this applies to everyone...not only ubesexuals!:)

"Looking good is a symptom of fundamental insecurity. You use your exterior facade only to hide some flaws."


Thursday, December 22, 2005

"Put your heads on my shoulder"

I'm just relaxing at home...and was listening to this song...the lyrics are so cute:) it was originally sung by Paul Anka...however I was listening to the Good Charlotte version.

Put your heads on my shoulder
hold me in yours arms, baby
squeeze me oh so tight and show me
that you love me too

Put your lips next to mine dear,
wont you kiss me once so baby,
just to kiss goodnight and maybe
you and i will fall in love

People say
that love is a game
a game, you just cant win
if theres a way i'll find it someday
and then this fool will rush in

Put your heads on my shoulder
whisper in my ear baby
words i wanna hear, tell me
tell me that you love me too

Put your heads on my shoulder
whisper in my ear baby
words i wanna hear please, baby
put your heads on my shoulder

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Selfless endeavors

Today seemed liked just another day. I was late for class as usual..hehe -but the lecturer came in 5 mins before its cool;) We had just one hour of college! Yeh! I’m free the whole day…or that’s what I thought!

Its that time of the year where the new student body is elected.So students who want to be part of the Union can campaign- put up posters, go to each class and give a lil speech, and say “blah blah blah and basically…and blah….so..PLEASE vote for me!”
A friend of mine is standing for Cultural secretary and she forced me to go along with her to every class!

Now that’s not me..nope..I’m actually quite selfish. I stay so far from college..that going back home and just relaxing is a treat,i.e.whenever classes are cancelled!

But today I was dumbstruck when she said “Elections are once a year!!” Hm…damn it..ur right. “N what’ll u do at home anyway??” Hm… (laugh) “I’ll watch a movie!” hehe…so I trudged the steps and stood outside the classes for her..she called it ‘moral support’ (grin). Lotsa students were campaigning together.
Yeah…it was moral support..but I felt selfless…and it’s a memory that’s tucked in my brain automatically…a memory that’ll make me grin and…so I did that!?!haha
Yep I listened to the same speech around 10-15 times and in some classes they asked her to dance …cause she said she’s a dancer..was funny and gutsy! :)

So it was just another day…and I had absolutely nothing to do!Except for my law class at 4:30 in the evening. So I had to hang around till then! But wait today I did another selfless deed..wonder why?

There’s a Christmas tree competition. All classes can take part…but my class had no! I met this other girl whose my friend’s friend..and we don’t know each other at all..just smile at one another when in same company.
So I’m sitting around (legs hurting from going all over campus..-campaigning) and this ‘new gal’ asks me… “You wanna help?” – they were decorating their tree.. “Sure…” ( they were putting up names of their classmates among the other decorations…how tough is that!)
“Are u creative?”..and she started digging into her bag… “Hehehe…uh..yeah..” thinking..oh no what’s coming my way??!
“Good! Can u make this poster for me?” Oh..whew! I love its cool..and it was relaxing!
So I made this funky poster- Like the Branches of this Tree- We are all different yet One.

She suggested the line..:) I’m not like this..and I still don’t know why I did that poster. I don’t even know if I’ll hang out with them again..but just did it and felt strangely happy! it the spirit of the season just having nothing to do…or just another non-bad mood day!? ;p

Friday, December 16, 2005

Down Memory Lane.......

Got tagged by Rams

10 years ago…

Aah…life was innocent and fun and games- played ‘elastic’, dodgeball
Travelled in a big yellow school bus…it was sooo much fun!

It was that year (4th std) I had seen (and will most probably never see again) the skeleton of a dead bat…yep its gross but the image is still vivid! White and dry…lying on the floor outside a classroom. My school is celbrating 125 years this year ;)

Actually we did a lot of weird things…apart from finding dead bats…um..we called spirits using a coin! Queen Elizabeth was a favorite. It seemed to! My best friend (back then she was a good fren..but we used to fight and stuff) acted like she was possessed by a spirit and ran around the campus…it was so funny..I knew she was acting. But other kids were following her..hehe..weird how u cant forget somethings.. I can still picture her running with her hands spread out..haha..we still laugh about it!

10 years ago I learnt the meaning of the finger bet the index and ring finger.

5 years back….

Basketball was everything! I played it regularly and religiously and my whole batch was into it. I was a good shooter. I still am- tho need warm ups..hehe

9th std…um…my first spin the bottle game heheeee…god!

Started writing poetry and generally ‘figuring out life’…something that has stuck with me still?! Doesn’t look like its leaving soon..

Last year…

Oh man! Was awesome! Joined a superb course..loved it! And still do! Wrote a very interesting entrance exam for it…

Watched brilliant films…we had this movie marathon in college. Amazing films and we learnt film appreciation- director’s take on the movie, genre, use of colors..blah!

One disgusting and disturbing film- Rosemary’s baby (yuck)

Learned about love, life and friendship..seems like u can never stop learning.


Checked out this cute basketball player in college…we had intercollege matches going on…cheered for my college too!

Gossipped with a fren..on the ‘latest news’ hehe…

Drove my dad to my sis’ school…

Cribbed about life..and was pissed off for some reason…my usual mood swings!

5 yummy things…

Ooh..this one’s tough being a foodie..
Tandoori food…
Pasta, pizzas…and cheesy stuff (i.e. containing CEESE)
Chocolates and corner house ice- creams
Mangy food..and some south Indian delicacies
Gulab jamoon :) peaches, strawberries and cream

5 things I know by heart…

Phone no.s
Birthdays of special people
Way to my best friends’ houses
Way to my house ;p
Way to my school;)

5 things I’d do if I had lots a money…

Oh goodie..lots..where to start!??
GET A DOG! AND MANY IF POSSIBLE! Sigh..not allowed to have one:(
Labrador is one o my fav!
Get a fancy car
Hit expensive restaurants
Take family and friends on a…maybe separately is a better idea ;p
Flaunt ?!!>.heheh

5 places I escape to…

My loo
My bed, my room
My lalala land
My best friend’s/ friends house
Sometimes college..yuck..but it helps distract me!

5 things I’d never wear…

Hm..interesting…ok..lets see..

Fluorescent colours of yellow, green, orange…etc -actually all colours!
Moulin rouge attire!
Pink hat
Golden pants
Um…fig leaves????!!!

5 fav tv shows…

I love Star world!

One tree hill
Everybody loves Raymond
Life as we know it
The Apprentice

5 things I enjoy doing….

Surfing the net..checking mail,blogging..etc
Listening to music
Being extra successful in my lala land;p
Hanging out with my pals

Honestly I’ve not blogged for too here are a few I’d like to tag..tho most of my frens have already been tagged. I've tagged these guys cause they write really well!:)
Squirm , Vishwa, Ashes , Bhanu

Sunday, December 11, 2005


The other day I cooked. I made stew with my granddad!:) It was so much fun…especially cause I haven’t cooked in such a long time!! I took pictures too-something I did on impulse as the ingredients looked so colorful and natural:)

I had gone out the whole day and when I came back home…my mom asked me to help my granddad cook stew. At first I was reluctant cause of my blah mood and I was tired but agreed anyway.

Cutting the veggies

So I started with the carrots,then the potatoes,and chopped celery..yeah chopped leaves! It looks so easy when people do it..but I looked at the leaves and thought ‘How the hell do u chop leaves!?’: Being a perfectionist this thought occurred to me.I had to get them right and equal..then I said screw just has to be without any aim,just chopped!

Onto the stove

Putting in most of the veggies into crackling oil I began stirring. So I stirred..and it took forever!!
I took this pic before the cabbage,carrots and potatoes went in.

I had lots of fun! :)

The end results – satisfaction and felt good about the whole thing,spending quality time with granddad, didn’t laze around and a healthy dinner for all!

Monday, December 05, 2005


Too far inside, deepening anxiety,
Prone to explode. But when?

Vortex created;destroying slowly.

Time will tell the unfathomable prediction.

Unthinkable, but true.
It’ll get you, but
right now your unreachable.

Even you can’t handle you.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Things I've Realised ( I )

  • Follow your heart and you wont regret it
  • The first answer that comes to you, is the right one (esp with multiple choice)
  • I’m smart at first then suck when in too deep!
  • Insecure people lie.
  • Facades are used by everyone;it depends which one we use and why
  • I hate snobs,well actually laugh at them, HAHA
  • Someone who calls u a loser,is actually a loser
  • Generosity should come naturally
  • At times people allow themselves to be used,but then u get this sick feeling in your stomach,and u feel obliged. So don’t use!
  • Jokes aren’t funny when your poking fun at someone’s deep secret or a weakness, i.e. when someone spills their gutts to you and u use it as thing to laugh about.Its happened to me..n I felt sick at first. But then I realised that they’re just chicken to talk about it and admit that they’ve been there too
  • Teasing is cute but not like the aforesaid
  • Love is beautiful but crazy cause u cant control it when u have to
  • Be answerable to yourself; no point feeling guilty
  • People who love talking about themselves and their achievements (everytime u meet them *rolling eyes*), are actually convincing themselves how great they are!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

For World AIDS Day

Today I saw 2 films on AIDS.
One was like a documentary but covered a lot of things in terms of cinematography. I don’t know the name as I started seeing it half way and VH1 didn’t have any commercials! What I really liked about the film was that it connected people from different places..told the story of different people..who were connected with the same disease,and at one point in their lives had met each other.

The next one was My Brother Nikhil (Victor Bannerjea,Sanjay Suri and Juhi Chawala).
I must say it really touched me,especially their performance with the songs and background music.A very well made film. It was really well put…the way people treat u if you’re infected. The movie really put u in Nikhil’s shoes…what if I was Nikhil.

N another message which was so true- It doesn’t matter how you got AIDS, what matters is how you react to it!

I wouldn’t have really felt the message if I hadn’t seen the pain society caused Nik. and his sis..even his friend..twas really deep. He stood alone..and and they fought for him. Even his parents didn’t help! That was really sick..and scary.

I know its pretty depressing to read stuff like this…but its world AIDS day and since I saw the 2 films..wanted to blog about it!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Human Mind

One of the most amazing things that we have, yet we don’t always revere, is the human mind.This multifaceted and unique living creature,the conscious or subconscious (been studying too much of pyshology!) fascinates me!

The power to think, to concentrate, to study, to resolve, to create, to not to anything etc…the list goes on. All this is because of our mind. Our psyche.

Whenever something arises that’s too tempting but I know its bad for me….I stop myself(well try to!hehe)..and this is my will power…something I don’t really think about till I’m shocked at my resistance!The human mind has realms which most of us haven’t discovered. That’s why sages and saints(who meditated and levitated)are called so…they knew much more…they had explored.

Some things are better left unexplained. Thus even if you sit and ponder life’s cannot always solve them. Why try? Yet everyday our brain’s ticking with questions,answers,arguments,ideas,facts,figures…blah blah…
So what’s my point? just fascinates me. The whole damn thing.
Yes its damned…cause sometimes you don’t want to think.You want to forget.Forget people, places, situations etc.
But sometimes your amazed at the little details you remember. The happy and silly details!

That’s the beauty of our mind. Its powerful and incredible.

And nothing I type, will be able to describe its true essence!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

My latest obsession

Sean Farris!!!
I love him!!!he's so cute..n so hot!!his smile :) WOWIEE!
Somebody please help me get his no!??

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Her wrath....

Shaking the innocent look~ Truth hurts..and pours out quickly.
Anger spilled~ Words spat~ Her wrath had begun.
Misunderstood~ Some things happen to stall time.

She seemed amazed and pensive.

Love was harsh and truth was cold.
Love is painful~ Wrath mellowed.
Melting moments.

The story unfolds.

Dedicated to Nivzy...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Took the wrong turn, Again!

Travelling on a similar road.
Funny some things never grow old.
Discovering the same truths.
Even though I feel like a fool.

Strange the way things change.
Wishes and dreams fade.
What was here now is gone.
Waiting for that dawn.

Conclusions and beliefs I try.
Wisdom stopping to pry.
Laughing at my silliness.
Journeying into the mist.

Lost Cause....

'There’s too many people you used to know,
They see you coming they see you go.
They know your secrets and you know theirs.
This town is crazy, but nobody cares.'

Beck- Lost Cause

Friday, October 28, 2005

Levels of Passion

(Wrote this in the summer of 2005)

Fire and emotions mix together and create Passion.You fall in love with an object.The object could be a person or just an inanimate object.An attachment so quick,too easy to comprehend, so sudden.So inappropriate, yet beautiful and tender.Holding on to such a feeling isn’t difficult.To retain this fervor isn’t an effort of the mind.It’s an act of the heart and this rules the mind, for the heart doesn’t follow logic,reasons and explainations.It follows the simple rule of pleasure.The inexplicable principle of not justifying and following basic instincts.Passion is bound by this and blinds your head.You take turns in life which make you fall or succeed.One things for sure, when its guided by your heart, you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, because you had no reason.The beauty of Passion is that it cannot be controlled but it can be curtailed.The art of curtailing passion can be understood and achieved after you are scarred. In some cases it takes one deep scar, while is some the heart requires more.But this magical curio becomes priceless when you learn this art.This art of curtailing and limiting your passions to different levels.And you are the sole master.Art of feeling without bleeding. Art of engaging without participating.This art of entering a world without existing.Its like feeling yet not feeling.A power that makes you proud to have been scarred.When one questions this judgement- he or she hasn’t been scarred, yet.

Monday, October 24, 2005


For the past few days I’ve been working day and night on my job journal. Though most of it was done, finishing touches took so long. And just when I thought I was done, I remembered something else…and it went on….
When I was working on it one thing kept ringing in my head. Something my lecturer told me, ‘Its got to look good Rohini.’ Now that advice was/is good, especially cause evaluators have too many job reports to read. Keeping that in mind I’d repeat it to myself.Even though its ironic, impressions are everything in this world.
For instance, it was 2 am, I was listening to music and kinda spaced out from lack of sleep and loud music that I blared to prevent me from sleeping, and continue working, when I spotted this beautiful white moth. It was so small, maybe just a little bigger than the nail of my little finger.
Now I said beautiful and moth in the same sentence, now and then in my head. That’s usually not me. I’m scared of them. They’re usually big, brown and ugly and come right at me. Well that’s another story, I always attract insects..sad. Anyhow I guess me being zonked and the moth being tiny and pretty didn’t get me tensed. But even in that state I realised how petty I was…its true Impressions are everything.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

'The whole world loves it when you make that sound'

Its one in the morning.I’m listening to Outkast…‘and the whole world loves it when you make that sound’.
I’m wide awake yet tired. What to do? I have some of my job journal left but my brain refuses to work anymore. Its only letting me type nonsense haha like I’m now.
I’m bored!waaaaaaaaaaaaa…..n my free messages are over! Hm..what are the chances of anyone being up now anyway?
Lol…I shall go now..maybe read something. Shit and I made this rule for myself, not to start any novel now cause my exams are coming up and I should read the given novels (tess n hindi) instead! L well ideally hehehe…
Now kryptonite… ‘If I go crazy then will you still call me superman?’lalala....

The blah mood

I hate it when I get into the blah mood. You know when you just don’t feel like doing anything, when nothing seems important, when no one seems friendly or nice, when life just loses its purpose?!
Yep it’s the infamous blah mood. I think, so what am I gonna do with my life, this is one of the worst characteristics of the blah mood. It brings me face to face with the word ‘Career’…hm… I hate this mood.
The blah mood hits me at the weirdest hours. It could be after a good nap, it could be any time after college. The only way I control it, is by getting distracted! Or try to…
And when I walk home from the bus stand, I think. Sometimes I just stare at the dogs or weird strangers who stare at me. But its during this walk that I plan the evening’s agenda.
So today in the blah mood I said I have to write 2 articles,do my job journal and OE assignment. But that was some sane part of my brain. I reached home and dozed off!
Life has no purpose or maybe its just my

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Squirrel Crap!

Having finished my Psychology paper, I lugged my bag onto my shoulder and walked with the general flow of the masses. All of us like zombies. Mechanically heading for the Nescafe kiosk.
So I walk and walk and finally reach the drive. Note the stress on walk, even though the distance is short, it felt like such an effort after that paper, lack of sleep and general boredom. 2nd year in college and I still don’t know whether Nescafe is at the front drive or the back drive!?
The drive and Nescafe should help u picture the exact location, if you’ve been to MCC.
I spotted my friends who were all complaining or rather laughing about our brilliant performance in our favourite subject, Psychology! I laughed too.
Some were sitting and some where standing. I love to sit, I mean who wants to stand when u can sit? Unfortunately every space available to park my ass was dirty. So I stood and whined and sought for some less muddy area.
Momentarily forgetting about this dilemma I got into some conversation about studies?or was it food? Or something…well anyway suddenly I shut my mouth. Was that a plop on my head?
My first reaction was “What the hell?” Slowly I reached up and touched my hair.
If a crow had done it, I’d be cool. BUT A SQUIRREL!???
What are the chances of that happening to anyone but me?! I’m always getting myself into the weirdest and the funniest situations.Haha…But then I wasn’t laughing. I was shocked and bemused. I was getting angry and was already bugged as aforesaid so I cried out loud! Everyone laughed, well so would I if I hadn’t been the one with crap on my hair.
The worst part, I had shampooed my hair in the morning. I washed it off and grumpily sat on the muddy stone.
Who cared if it was dirty anymore, a squirrel had just unloaded its crap on me!

Monday, September 26, 2005

And they met

Looking into his eyes, a silent prayer.
Sleeping in the night, her eyes with tears.
Laughing and talking, an attraction grew.
Their Friendship ran deeper than their hearts.

Days went by and nothing said.
She was waiting, he was hoping.
If she could turn back time, she wouldn’t .
This makes her live. If he could, he’d fly.

His thoughts wander and land on her face.
Everytime he turns around he sees her.
Its like he’s in two worlds.
But in the night, he’s with her.

And they met.
They met as strangers
And now they exist in each other’s passion.
Not knowing where to turn, he hopes.
Not knowing what to say, she prays.
Laughing and talking, an attraction.
Friendship blossomed into an innocent love.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My magical potion

I reached home early and threw my bag on the floor. I was so happy I had just missed the heavy rain that was now hitting hard on the windows! Nobody was home!Me all alone!
After my little victory dance I decided I needed a plan of action. The first thing that I felt was this urge to have hot tea. It was cold and the thought of hot tea seemed good.
Thus began the making of my special tea. Special because I was home alone and it just felt special. I went into the kitchen and took out a big mug. Then I sought a pan. I was getting excited at the prospect of drinking tea and doing something fun. But I still had no clue what the fun part would be. Anyhow I boiled some water in the pan and added a spoonful of tea leaves. I was momentarily captivated by the swirling and bubbling water that had now turned dark brown. I put in some milk and waited for the mixture to rise till the brim. A monster I had created was rising and I easily put it out. It gave me a pleasant surprise that I had controlled ‘the monster’.Grinning stupidly at this afterthought I added two spoons of sugar to the empty cup. Then I poured the hot tea into it and stirred it. The aroma was enthralling. I was quite pleased with myself.
It was still raining. Suddenly there was a power cut. Disappointment was my immediate reaction and I realised subconsciously watching tv had been my idea of fun! I looked out of the French windows. My garden looked beautiful. I sat there and stared into the greens and sheets of rain, sipping on my magical potion. Everything seemed to fit in its place and I was happy!


Looks are everything. If not you’re living in a make-believe world.
Those eyes looked up at me confused and helpless. Everything was in my hand. But nothing seemed to go right. All morals and principles were blackened when I realized we are such hypocrites. Even though I could blindly follow mine, uncontrollable factors (people) influenced the fate of Flake.
Flake was what I wanted to call this tiny creature, innocent and dirty. Stronger than his brothers and sisters, Flake was so used to me in 3 hours. I felt like his guardian. I felt comfortable. He had to be given away for reasons that just boil down to--looks are everything.
I saw him leave, from my arms to another’s. I trusted the others as they weren’t strangers. But Flake was treated with medicines. Why can’t I keep him? Flake I want to visit you, but if I do, I might not be able to walk away, yet.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

On J.K.Rowling

After I read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

At her mercy the world awaits for the last tale.The conclusion of her creation.I was stupefied by her decision.Unacceptable; whatever her reasons maybe.It seems to me the grand finale, would be even worse.How can she be so harsh to devoted followers of this new world she introduced.
The world is cruel.Then why does the old saying of good shall prosper over the evil still give us hope.This weakness is her power over us, keeping us hooked on feeling miserable, without a choice and waiting for more.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


(Inspired by my daily bus rides)

If life is so complicated and we know it
why don’t we stop and see?
If only things were so easy.
A smile, a trickle, a handshake,
outside my window, and I break.
Sights and sounds distract me.
Feel lost, easy, smooth.
Outside this window people are walking,
talking, laughing.
Inside this window I’m sitting, observing.
Mundane activities that they perform, and I
a silent observer enjoy the show.
Forgetting all that I had come with.
Healing through their innocence.
To watch and feel what they do
I feel once again its true.
You can cheat, you can win, you can mope
or you can smile.
In bliss, in chaos , in numbness.
Life is beautiful, and will always be.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Speak No More

Speak no more to me.
I'm quiet.Peace.Let this be.
Speak no more to me.
I'm tired.I'm shaken.
Speak no more to me.
You hurt me when you open your mouth.

Speak no more to me.
I'm listening.I'm hoping.I'm breaking.
Speak no more to me.
I'm untouched.I'm fine.I'm not.

Speak no more to me.
I'm trying.I'm smiling.
Speak no more to me.
I'm silent.I'm patient.
Speak no more.
I'm like this because of you.
Speak no more,or my rage
doesn't know how far it will go.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Strange but cool

Life is quite advanced and modern at Mount Carmel College, especially when you take up Communicative English! There is a lot of freedom of speech and thought; something I never expected from this college. Here I’ve got chances to be free with our lecturers yet respect them; it’s a mutual understanding. The faculty is simply wonderful! I may not be the type to always laugh and chat with them, but I respect almost all of them.
The coolest and strangest thing that I experienced last year was when my H.O.D, Mrs. Sahana Das, would message me (sometimes) and our class rep, saying classes were cancelled! I was so happy and proud of this informality that I’d show off to my family and friends, telling them my lecturer is so cool.
The reason I was so pleasantly shocked was because I’m so used to being formal with my teachers. At MCC I’ve learnt to balance!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Half truths are not lies....

Half truths are not lies.
Half lies are not truths.
Each type misleads you.
Each type hurts you.
Trust is what you had.
Faith is what you wanted.
Pain is what you got.
Deception is what you have.

Life is a game of risks.
Life has its turns and twists.
It’s all a vicious circle.
History will repeat itself.
Doing good didn’t do you any.
Doing bad disturbed your peace.
Doing things impulsively caused regrets.

Your mind is confused.
This phase has no name.
Lost in thought.
Glazed eyes and a cold heart.
Its not so cold as you want it to be.
It bled and now the drops are frozen.
Nothing is unexpected anymore.
Nothing is expected anymore.

Love is undefined.
Relationships change everyday.
It’s definition varies from people to people.
Secrets have a weird cause.
Why keep any when everyone’s in the same boat.
Why hide when nothing’s worth.
Touch reality and its gone.
Like a vapor truth keeps disappearing.
Perplexed you look around.

Half truths are not lies.
Half lies are not truths.