Thursday, March 05, 2009

25 things your forced to think 'randomly'

Tagged by Equi goes the 25 things about me that I thought of now at work...

1. I hate cowards. Hate safe people and those who don’t have the guts to take a stand on anything.
2. I love babies, kids. Love their innocent happiness and simple thinking.
3. God every point begins with an I. Tragic. I’m creatively stunted. Let me try
4. Smell of wet mud after the rains. I like. (lol, I did it!)
5. I’m lazy when there is no work and super energetic and a workaholic when there is tons of work. I don’t know how to be in between.
6. I used to be very emotional, especially about relationships. I’m turning into a stronger person now. Learning to be a bitch.
7. Psychology comes naturally to me.I don’t need a text book. I understand behaviours and mechanisms people use without trying. This helps me forgive too. Damn.
8. I believe timing is everything.
9. I keep playing with my hair, and my mom whacks me for it.
10. I miss my sister, whose always busy with her studies etc… waiting to enjoy the months lost.
11. I love intelligence. It’s a turn on.
12. My daddy strongest. He is a saviour to all my crises. Midnight car break downs etc.
13. I believe in supporting special occasions of family & close friends.
14. I miss my granddad. But since he’s left us, I’ve cried so much. I don’t know what to feel anymore. But thinking of him a lot, tugs that patched up hole in my heart, and so I’ve stopped thinking or discussing him even when someone else tries.
15. I still want to make him proud.
16. Im tired of power plays at work
17. I love it when my hair smells good after a nice long shampoo bath.
18. I love it when my bf smells my hair, whether or not its washed. It somehow smells good to him all the time!
19. I’m reading the 3 mistakes of my life. And I like it. I even asked Ma to get khakra. Missed it.
20. I admire my mother’s strength.
21. I hate it when I get insecure about anything. I wait to bounce back.
22. I love bike rides. Love fast cars.
23. I sometimes wish I was a guy. Even dreamt of it.
24. Grandma’s cooking, her passion and her energy at her present age, wows me.
25. Ok last one…. Um….. I want to see the Curious case of Benjamin Button.

This Tag is for everyone! :) whoever wants to do it!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

face value

Its amazing how we learn to adapt to situations in life. But sometimes some repetitive situations still never fail to amaze us and freeze us.

Off late, I've learnt I need to look at things at face value. Not too deep, not too far. Just the right distance from your face.

That's the best way to deal with all kinds of people.... face value... till your sure you can take it further. Or else its still safe, from where you stand.

And the best part! I can now have fun without expecting or giving! :)