Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ironic questions & thoughts

Sometimes I wonder how mechanical I can get.
Driving without thinking of the road.
Sometimes I've driven for a good 5 mins, and then asked myself, I hope it was the green signal! I just followed the other cars. Herd mentality! :P


When I think of a prostitute, I think whatever the reason she is doing it, it must be so hard for her. How does she fall asleep at night?

"How does a prostitute sleep at night?"

"um... in a Y position?"

Tut tut.. so evil... Yeah
If only I was so simple! LOL


What is bravery? (for a relationship/ moment)

Yelling and asserting something in the beginning of a disturbing relationship/moment.

Waiting for it to reach a peak and letting it all out.

Waiting and not altering anything.

Walking out.Away.Blocking ur ears


Why is that I forget disturbing things of the past? Why is that when Im not talking to someone I forget the good times we shared? Forget the jokes and laughs? Why is my mind not letting me? What sort of defense mechanism is this?? When I dont want it!!

Have I no say?



Inspiring, influencing.

Why do we fit ourselves into that powerful character and think yes thats me. Or I can see myself doing the same thing soon?

How is that all of us are so similar? We think we are unique. We are just bits of each other. Even in hatred we are alike.

Why cant religion bring this out?


Why am I so hard on myself?

I dunno.

But I like it. I dont know how to not judge myself. How to forgive myself and live easy.Forgiveness can happen, eventually.

I feel useless then. I feel if I have no opinion about myself, then I cant judge someone else.

Sometimes, I wanna let go though.


We are all scared of ourselves. Scared of the side that doesn't give in to control.

Those who aren't scared are spoiling themselves in pandora's box of sins.


Why cant we write? without being judged....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sometimes I feel so alone....

Alone in making the right choice.

Alone in choosing the right person.

Alone in my sorrow.

Alone in my thoughts.

Alone in being cheated.

Alone in my plans.

Alone in the truth.

Alone in my sense of self.

Alone in judgements.

Alone in my tears.

And when they talk, I'd rather be alone, than follow.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I have been hit- EQUI's tagged me!

5 quirks/addictions

•Tomato Ketchup : Love the flavour! Usually have it with a lot of food items like pizza,noodles,toast & cheese, cutlets etc… :P
•Cell phone : Addicted to it, to chat! To press snooze when I’m supposed to get up!!
•Listening to Music/Radio while I bathe. Cant do otherwise!
•Playing with my hair, twirling and feeling strands of hair. Dunno why I do this. Mom keeps shouting, not to! :O lol
•Dressing up : I have to dress well. Dress smart.It doesn’t mean wearing makeup all the time, in fact I hardly wear makeup. But its like I wont be caught in a loose T shirt or pajamas even to the ‘food world’ near my house!

Anyone who wants to do this one can! :)

Friday, October 03, 2008

Slow traffic
Random thoughts
Birds flying above me.

Getting all the green signals on my way to work and back!! :) (happened to me last Friday)
Music and songs stuck in my head,
Grins and smirks across our conversations
Audible not visible.

Impulsive buys and chaos,
Ecstasy for an hour and then panic!
Up the graph and zooming down to zero.

Secrets,and white lies
Giggles and love
Cuddle under my blanket, smiling at the eventful week.