Monday, September 26, 2005

And they met

Looking into his eyes, a silent prayer.
Sleeping in the night, her eyes with tears.
Laughing and talking, an attraction grew.
Their Friendship ran deeper than their hearts.

Days went by and nothing said.
She was waiting, he was hoping.
If she could turn back time, she wouldn’t .
This makes her live. If he could, he’d fly.

His thoughts wander and land on her face.
Everytime he turns around he sees her.
Its like he’s in two worlds.
But in the night, he’s with her.

And they met.
They met as strangers
And now they exist in each other’s passion.
Not knowing where to turn, he hopes.
Not knowing what to say, she prays.
Laughing and talking, an attraction.
Friendship blossomed into an innocent love.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My magical potion

I reached home early and threw my bag on the floor. I was so happy I had just missed the heavy rain that was now hitting hard on the windows! Nobody was home!Me all alone!
After my little victory dance I decided I needed a plan of action. The first thing that I felt was this urge to have hot tea. It was cold and the thought of hot tea seemed good.
Thus began the making of my special tea. Special because I was home alone and it just felt special. I went into the kitchen and took out a big mug. Then I sought a pan. I was getting excited at the prospect of drinking tea and doing something fun. But I still had no clue what the fun part would be. Anyhow I boiled some water in the pan and added a spoonful of tea leaves. I was momentarily captivated by the swirling and bubbling water that had now turned dark brown. I put in some milk and waited for the mixture to rise till the brim. A monster I had created was rising and I easily put it out. It gave me a pleasant surprise that I had controlled ‘the monster’.Grinning stupidly at this afterthought I added two spoons of sugar to the empty cup. Then I poured the hot tea into it and stirred it. The aroma was enthralling. I was quite pleased with myself.
It was still raining. Suddenly there was a power cut. Disappointment was my immediate reaction and I realised subconsciously watching tv had been my idea of fun! I looked out of the French windows. My garden looked beautiful. I sat there and stared into the greens and sheets of rain, sipping on my magical potion. Everything seemed to fit in its place and I was happy!


Looks are everything. If not you’re living in a make-believe world.
Those eyes looked up at me confused and helpless. Everything was in my hand. But nothing seemed to go right. All morals and principles were blackened when I realized we are such hypocrites. Even though I could blindly follow mine, uncontrollable factors (people) influenced the fate of Flake.
Flake was what I wanted to call this tiny creature, innocent and dirty. Stronger than his brothers and sisters, Flake was so used to me in 3 hours. I felt like his guardian. I felt comfortable. He had to be given away for reasons that just boil down to--looks are everything.
I saw him leave, from my arms to another’s. I trusted the others as they weren’t strangers. But Flake was treated with medicines. Why can’t I keep him? Flake I want to visit you, but if I do, I might not be able to walk away, yet.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

On J.K.Rowling

After I read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

At her mercy the world awaits for the last tale.The conclusion of her creation.I was stupefied by her decision.Unacceptable; whatever her reasons maybe.It seems to me the grand finale, would be even worse.How can she be so harsh to devoted followers of this new world she introduced.
The world is cruel.Then why does the old saying of good shall prosper over the evil still give us hope.This weakness is her power over us, keeping us hooked on feeling miserable, without a choice and waiting for more.