Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Didnt wanna leave kerala :(

Recently I went to Kovalam (kerala) with my mom,dad, and sis... a short 3 day trip.
We stayed at Taj Green Cove Resort. A sexy place...check it out (when financially comfortable;p)
I loved it. we were so pampered...well its the Taj. They have a private beach. Tho we discovered the Leela Hotel -next door neighbour - was on a cliff right on the sea. Beautiful..wanna go back there someday. lOl

I've been waiting to get away...anywhere...n finally it was kerala. Our desination. Yep...God's own country.

I wish i could take pics in the plane cause when the plane tilted to kind of dive in, the sky and sea merged and suddenly it was all blue. I was like..shit where r we?? n then saw the coconut trees...and the excitement began!!:)

No cell phone!! no vibrations in my jeans pocket and no one calling me! YEH! it was bliss..tho i missed my frens n wished they were there with me to share my joy :)
p.s. messged once from mom's phone..tee hee...but still! i felt so free!

I've taken such a long break from blogging....but i always took pics...n thought..hm..wanna post this pic...tho i cant put up all the pics ( about 100- happens with a dig cam hehheh;typical tourist i agree...lol) here r a fw of my fav.

The famous backwaters of kerala! It was one pleasant evening boatride...but it was enough to last an impression in our minds. Im crazy about beautiful skies..fascinates me..

At the private beach...on the hammock...thats me:) oh man...i dint wanna leave :( that's the lagoon behind me.

the cool breeze and sea water spraying mildly on my cheeks... ah...almost paradise. almost,cause i may discover a better place...in the future;p

backwaters Posted by Picasa again....

I was so impressed with the ROADS in Tiruvanthapuram! man..they were so smooth... we kept comparing bangalore..lol...no need to say more...

The city wasn't stagnated with traffic jams, cabs had awesome stereo systems :), roads were like highways or laid the previous day, people were proud of their culture -showed when we mixed around and visited the museum.

You can sleep on the floors of the airport or relax on their huge black leather sofas.

Then when i reached Bangalore...I really wanted to cry!!! This is my hometown n i love it. But it has deteriorated so much!!!I think it starts with the ppl. Prob is no one co-operates here.

Hm...maybe kerala's secret is its high literacy rate :) whatver it is..i wanna go back there soon!!