Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ode to my grandfather

I dont know if you were ready or weren't.
I dont think you nor us could ever have prepared ourselves for this.

I hope you are happy dadu.
Happy where you are.
Happy with those people who filled your youth and old age with joy.

I was in shock, then grief, and now Im passing in between these two phases.

But I'll be fine. I'll be happy to know you are happy.
Thats all that matters.

May your soul be at peace.
You are always in my heart.
I hope I made you proud and happy.

Yours always -


In loving memory of my grandfather, who passed away on 14th September, 2007

Your life is an inspiration for us to be brave, ambitious, joyous and loving.
Your ever-giving and open heart that was ready to help anyone will always be remembered and we hope to follow your footsteps.
You touched the lives of many and was loved by many many people across the country and the world.
Dadu, you left us on a festival day, a friday,and it was so quick and even though u suffered it was shorter than most people who suffer for months and years. These facts show that you were a great person who did good karma.You were so good and so kind.
Thankyou for everything.
Thankyou for teaching us so many things.
I love you. Im so proud u were my grandfather.
We love you.
We were blessed to have you among us.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The oddity of being me

Its my weakness. Its my pride.
Its everything. Its nothing.
It never ends. It ceases when challenged.
Its big. Its small.
Its my asset. Its my fault.
Its my hope. Its my misery.
It fools me. I fool it.
Its a paradox.
Its love. Or is it?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Magic :)

(To poo, wrote it long back.)

I looked up at the night sky.
I saw the stars.
I saw your smile.
I saw the moon.
I remembered your eyes.
I looked around the silent night.

Alone but with you.
Asleep but awake in you.

I never want to let go of this magic.
I'm holding this ball of fire.
Carressing it between my palms
Gently touching it and feeling its warmth.

Its glowing next to my cheek.
I smile.
I'm hugging it.
This dynamic living breathing thing, so beautiful;
oblivious to everything tangible or intangible.

I throw it up.
It shatters the dark sky into golden stars.
Spreading above me.
I laugh as I stretch my hands out.

Gold dust around me,
feeling the essence of my creation.

How long will they light my sky?
Only time will tell, my love.