Tuesday, August 30, 2005


(Inspired by my daily bus rides)

If life is so complicated and we know it
why don’t we stop and see?
If only things were so easy.
A smile, a trickle, a handshake,
outside my window, and I break.
Sights and sounds distract me.
Feel lost, easy, smooth.
Outside this window people are walking,
talking, laughing.
Inside this window I’m sitting, observing.
Mundane activities that they perform, and I
a silent observer enjoy the show.
Forgetting all that I had come with.
Healing through their innocence.
To watch and feel what they do
I feel once again its true.
You can cheat, you can win, you can mope
or you can smile.
In bliss, in chaos , in numbness.
Life is beautiful, and will always be.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Speak No More

Speak no more to me.
I'm quiet.Peace.Let this be.
Speak no more to me.
I'm tired.I'm shaken.
Speak no more to me.
You hurt me when you open your mouth.

Speak no more to me.
I'm listening.I'm hoping.I'm breaking.
Speak no more to me.
I'm untouched.I'm fine.I'm not.

Speak no more to me.
I'm trying.I'm smiling.
Speak no more to me.
I'm silent.I'm patient.
Speak no more.
I'm like this because of you.
Speak no more,or my rage
doesn't know how far it will go.