Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Human Mind

One of the most amazing things that we have, yet we don’t always revere, is the human mind.This multifaceted and unique living creature,the conscious or subconscious (been studying too much of pyshology!) fascinates me!

The power to think, to concentrate, to study, to resolve, to create, to not to anything etc…the list goes on. All this is because of our mind. Our psyche.

Whenever something arises that’s too tempting but I know its bad for me….I stop myself(well try to!hehe)..and this is my will power…something I don’t really think about till I’m shocked at my resistance!The human mind has realms which most of us haven’t discovered. That’s why sages and saints(who meditated and levitated)are called so…they knew much more…they had explored.

Some things are better left unexplained. Thus even if you sit and ponder life’s cannot always solve them. Why try? Yet everyday our brain’s ticking with questions,answers,arguments,ideas,facts,figures…blah blah…
So what’s my point? just fascinates me. The whole damn thing.
Yes its damned…cause sometimes you don’t want to think.You want to forget.Forget people, places, situations etc.
But sometimes your amazed at the little details you remember. The happy and silly details!

That’s the beauty of our mind. Its powerful and incredible.

And nothing I type, will be able to describe its true essence!


SquirmsteR said...

I never really sat down and thought about this topic, but are absolutely right!!! The human mind really is an amazing thing. Being able to remember small details of events (good or bad) is something that always shocks me with amazement. The mind is a beautiful thing... and a horrible thing to waste!

SquirmsteR said...

ps.....I am going to add you to my 'Hot Spots' list. I hope you don't mind. If you do, then please just send me a note letting me know that you don't want to be up there. This is where I place the blogs that I like to visit up on my page.

gautami tripathy said...

Just thinking about it is half the battle won....Keep it up, kiddo!

You can pictures of "Cute Guys" as long as you post such nuggets...

*still Grinning*



PS: I teach kids just a little younger than you...Hence calling you a kiddo!

the_ego_has_landed said...

squirm -:) thanks for the comments..n me really feeling ur love-life situation! all da best!

gautami-nuggets!!>??hehe thanks:)n me no KIDDO!;p