Saturday, February 18, 2006


I know it’s a vague and weird topic to write about, thus I do feel challenged. But I wanted to write about this with the aim of expressing and knowing what people think of this. Everytime I ask someone…so what’s your definition of stupidity, they say “HUH??”
“Excuse me?”etc, and other connotations of surprise.

Well I find that we easily tag an action or person as STUPID. What is studpidity? Why are we so judgemental? Its natural I agree. I use the word ‘stupid’ really easily. But then it struck me, that its not fair to label someone stupid without reason. For eg if someone called u stupid, u may not take to it very kindly. Cause even tho words like stupid, dumb etc aren’t “abusive” ,they are effective.

Now there is no point of writing on stupidity. So then why am I writing this??!!! Probably cause I just want to people to realize that we need to be sensitive to such words and use it discretely..even mentally.

I think there are two ways to look at a situation. The other day a classmate was explaining something in an incomprehensive manner. So I asked her to repeat it and she said “eh..your’e just stupid” I said “what??” I shook my head cause I didn’t want to say..your doing communicative eng but cant communicate!!! That;s rude..and then I’ll become her. I was angry but didn’t want to fight. But my sudden silence made her realize that that statement wont be forgotten and that I’ve lost my respect for her. I could’ve started an argument..but I found it amusing:) lol…she’s being stupid..not me.

When Julia Roberts came on the Oprah Winfrey Show, she said, there’s one thing I hate. I hate stupid people. I was laughing when she said this…but its true. We hate stupidity…because …well>? I dunno..we just do!

I think we rate a situation or a person as stupid by our own stupidity. What we feel is stupid and if another doesn’t agree..well then they’re stupid. Our judgements and wavelengths differ from people. And when people don’t get us, we brand them as stupid.

Today a friend of mine was put in a stituation which she didn’t explore enough. Thus lost out. I said to myself..that gal is so stupid!! This is cause I would’ve explored..and so I’m judging her by my standards.
Its unfair..but I’ll still think she behaved in a stupid manner.
So I’m working within me to control these ‘stupid’ labels and be more I said before..even I dunno the point of this post..just expressed my feelings..and want to know yours..confused myself LOL!!


anup.777 said...

A very good and thought-provoking post!

Yes. We must really be more sensitive and be careful with our words ... not offend people by loose words ... after all, we all have our 'off' days!

Este Miseria said...

stupid is as stupid does. surprise is something that makes man stupid for a second- or more. ergo the oh ah uhm eh auto responses :)

yeah i know im being STOOPID too :)

Ramses-The Ego's Altered said...


being one of those who went "huh" when u asked, now i know wht was at teh back of ur mind!;p...and sorry for giving some inane wasnt a defn at al:P

who was the classmate?...hopin in the hopes of hopes it aint sorry dude if i said soemthing as stupid as calling "u stupid" even by mistake:-s

the_ego_has_landed said...

~anup- Yeah you're days makes us snap at people we actually

~caffeine-addict-Hm...that's another take on 'stupid'.hahaha...nice..ur just cute!:)

~ramses- heehee its ok..I really got weird answers when I tried to do a survey on frens!
Obvio. I'm not gonna name it wasn you!! maddie...I'd have cleared it out with u!!:) some ppl its not worth even tat!;P

sebia said...

im such a dud..i frgt ur bday..i think it ws anyways happy bday..(whnever in near future it is if nt 2day:(//
may GOD always shower u with all kinda blessings..
and yeah a v different topic 2 write abt:)
wont say STUPID at all..cuz mez can b as bizzare s u r..thts a fishy trait i guess:p

all or nothing said...

nice da. you are so sweet:) when is ur b'day???

the_ego_has_landed said...

~sebia- hey..thanks..but my bday is later...:)and wish u the same:)fishy!heheh

~chai-hehehe hm..u calling me sweet...interesting...(what u want>?);) bday is a few days away!

Este Miseria said...

oh me likes bein cute.
me lurves bein cute.
me's sooo good at it as well :)

BTW i might like to add that cute has connotations of bein uber smart :D

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

LOL thanks for dropping by ...

Interesting post ... very interesting i must say ... very confusing at the same time .... i dunno i don think i can define stupidity ....
perhaps therez something which is very intuitive or obvious to me and not to my friend ... i wud call him stupid ... says Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless. But then as u said ... what is da standard? I find u stupid and am sure therez someone who finds me stupid!

Dunno .... the question itself is very stupid! lol ...

well written though!

rebel_on_loose said...

"you're doing communicative eng but can't communicate!"
Haha...tht ws a gud 1 !
Like Caffeine said here...Stoopid is as Stoopid does.
Gud u din't stoop down 2 her level!

Rohit Talwar said...

Ah! Interesting post!!

For me, stupidity is when my professor asks us to submit assignments through email, and then asks for a soft copy as well. And, even on a sheet. Duh!

Hiren said...

Sometimes one becomes judgmental and uses the word stupid impulsively. One of the most basic stupidities is to speak about a subject without having sufficient depth in the same. It is also said that common sense is most uncommon. Basic fact of life.

vishwa said...

Yup, stupidity irritates and gets on one's nerves, but you're right when you say that it's a judgemental attitude in us that makes us label others as stupid. When people don't understand our view-point, we call them stupid---so maybe it's an ego thing too.
But as Hiren rightly pointed out, there are exceptions and one is when people blabber nonsense even when they know nothing worthwhile about a subject. Maybe there's no harm in labelling such people as stupid. And also no harm in keeping mum when we don't know much about a thing and thus avoid others labelling us as stupid.
I do this. If i don't know about something, i'd better shut up and listen to those who do than add my own two pence and get labelled.

Babushka said...

ooo.. someone's becoming more sensitive... jus don't be too sweet man...
chal, c ya

nomadic_waves said...

Loved this write up for the chutzpah it exuded...

SquirmsteR said...

Had to change my page again....just wanted to let you know. Things are going downhill...but I am still ok. Well, there ya go....ttys

Keshi said...

funny post :)

I actually like stupid ppl...cos they make me laugh lolllz!


exasparater said...

good post...

but, "If u judge a person, u define ur self".. u judged ur friend as stupid... then ur.... JUST KIDDING :}

have a nice day...

rebel_on_loose said...

Heyy...many many Happy Returns of the day Rohini !!! Have a BALL!!!

the_ego_has_landed said...

~caffeine..hahaha u crack me up:)

~cheesy termite..yeah its real! thanks:)

~rebel..thank you!!

~rohit- hahaha that is stupid! but sadastic

~hiren- hehe..true..ahem i do it...foot in mouth situations toO! don we all!:pb

about shuttin up...even i've learnt;)

~babs-not being sweet..just hate loosing too much energy and creating a fight..for a small

~nomadic waves- thank you:)

~squrim-hey all the best!!tc

~keshi-hehe..true! i said..even i judge!thx..u too!

~rebel!:):) thank you!!

Φ said...

enjoi the budday mth dear one :)