Monday, April 24, 2006


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Me happy I think…
I dunno…it happens when u love ur pals and spend a full day with them…buying time and extending it hoping it never ends…without work,studies or boys lol.

*People who know me, know that I’m smiling most of the time. (sometimes just duh!) hehe
So this aint a post about my smile or why I’m smiling so broadly(that pic is with one o my close fren babs..and maybe that’s why I’m so happy..hehe but sorry had to crop it:p)
Actually dunno y im posting this..but sometimes u just want to write!*

So…..on Saturday I went out with my girls!!!!!!!!My best frens Spu and Nivi:):):):)

For ICE AGE2!-damn cute…no complains
And lunch at KFC and then ice cream..well I was the only one who ate lol.Corner House rockz…if anyone has access to CH get their dark chocolate and walnut scoop for 25 bucks…awesome eh?
Then Barista…where both of em drank flavoured that’s how they make their drinks…frozzzzen!ahem…where a funny thing happened…
I was really thirsty and took out the mountain dew bottle from spu’s bag admist our chatter about how annoying boys can be…
When an instant later my mouth is half open and still dry and I’m staring at an orange and black clad waiter who says “I’m sorry maam but your displaying the wrong brand at the right place.”
I’m sorry wha??
So I’m still staring…confused and spu’s blank and nivi is grinning I think.
I thought display…u know like my pants were low or something…and almost gulped cause these were low :p
And he says “even kinley isn’t allowed…” And spu goes “its water…”
“Yes maam but my manager just told me to tell you…”
I was still thirsty “ Um…can I just have a quick sip?!”
“yes..just hurry.”

JEEZ! And after that 3 of us couldn’t stop laughing…like giggling immature kids…
Dunno why..we kept replaying the whole scene! Like how 3 of us were I thought he was talking about my pants and how spu tried to cover up with “its water!!”
Hahahha… uncontrollable laughter that can happen only when 3 gals(or more)…get together…lol…and esp 3 cute gals;) hehe

Oh there’s more to the day…our silly antics(like how my car got stuck and the cop kept yelling and abusing in Kannada..and how I hadn’t carried my license and nivi was shit scared and spu was abusing back…but luckily didn’t get caught….and how we all tried out one sexy top at )
but this one “moment” was too funny..and thinking about it still makes me smile like the


rebel_on_loose said...

“I’m sorry maam but your displaying the wrong brand at the right place.”
Lolz and u ppl were thinking it ws ur 'low pants'!
Hehe...gud 2 know u had fun!
Ice Age 2 ... hmm the 1st one ws fun 4 sure...i'm sure this 1 wud b too!

Manmeet said...

May b try wearing your pants a bit higher the next time hahaha.. naa its real cool... LACOSTE huh?? their shoes r cool ;)
Take Care gal

Jumping Juipters said...

... like the pants bit funny ...
... and the below the hip branding was cool ..

... as for the ¨´no drinking one brand at an outlet of another was good info´´ ... thanks for the same ..

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

oooo lovely smile!!!!! :D

lol low pants! hahaaaa ... wrong brand .. lmao!! u got some sense of humour!!!

sometimes a day out with friends cheers u up so much .... thats why i miss being with ma friends a lot!!

have fun girl!

Keshi said...

hey great smile u've got girl WOW!

lolllllz seems like u had heaps of fun with the girls..way to be yeyyyyy!

I wanna see The Meltdown too awww...


exasparater said...

he he he!!!

Jumping Juipters said...

thanks for visiting .... however it was not a matter of the heart ... more of a matter of the head ... :)

keep in touch ...

BTW .. nice smile ..nice ring ... and thanks for the idea of the clock .. i stole that from ur site ...


the_ego_has_landed said...

~rebel- well only i tht he was referring to my pink cods. :p

~manmeet-hey thanks for commenting:) real sweet of u

~jumping jupiters-hehehe...yeah it was funny, and did u copy funny quotes as well..lols..i figured the clock cause everyone seems to like the round one...
thanks for the compliments;)

~cheesy-wb! yeah...heheh...thanks:)
yeah i love my girls:)

~keshi- thank you :D
yeah its really spite of an annoying kid who kept commenting throughout the movie...god!

~exasperator-im glad my life amuses u!

Ubiquitous said...

OooOooOo check out the smile and all ;)

Great pic girl! Alll my pics on hi5 are cropped :D

Glad to know you had a great time with pals :)

Glas just wanna have fun, don't they?!

You just proved it :p

Rohit Talwar said...

Keep smiling!

Keshi said...

oh and I almost forgot...ur profile pic is very beautiful! Attractive color!


Michelle said...

oooo pretty smile!! n i luv goin out wid my girls!!! its so much fun!!!

the_ego_has_landed said...

"Glas just wanna have fun, don't they?!

You just proved it :p"

thanks:) heheh

~rohit-i will..u too:D

~keshi- i know..its beautiful ;)

~michelle-hee hee thanks...yeah i love em!

Janefield said...

That's a fabulous smile you got there, young lady! :-) Awesome, indeed! Cute story and I loved Ice Age 2 as well, saw Ice Age 1 only the day before, so was all excited. I have to say though, part 1 was better :-)

Jumping Juipters said...

... some one is missing ..

the_ego_has_landed said...

~chosen one- thanks:):) yeah ice age 1 rocked!

~jumping jups-I'M right here:)

Rohit Talwar said...

Update Alert!

anup.777 said...

hiya buddy!!! Really nice and cute smile u've got there .... :)

the_ego_has_landed said...

rohit..have exams :(


Soni said...

Hey luvly writing!

Keshi said...

WB girl :)