Thursday, September 07, 2006


I don’t understand why people lie. I don’t understand the need to lie.

I mean I’m trying to understand and I have come to a few conclusions, but still there’s just one word that rings in my head- WHY??

Why lie? Most people lie because of insecurity issues. And this is usually termed as ‘issues’ by friends and peers. No one knows what this vague issue is.
“yeah he’s got issues…”What issues? Why does he have issues? So then I analysed a friend of mine. He constantly lies. Its an open joke. We all know he fibs, and he laughs it off. But I keep telling him its not funny. It’s a serious problem. A major flaw in his personality. He gets kicks out of lying and fooling around with me when he sees how shocked and irritated I get when I see the truth.

Its not just him. I know a lot of guys who lie. I know girls too. In fact I never know whose telling the truth Its seriously a problem!

People lie when they cheat on their boyfriends/girlfriends. Now that’s wrong but logical.
But why lie to friends? Lies to show off – insecurity. Lies to cover up- insecurity. Lies cause your ashamed of yourself- insecurity.
I hate it. Why cant people accept themselves for who they are and what they’re made of?

LOVE YOURSELF!!! Be who you are!

There have been times when I have lied too. White lies …like lie to a friend who I wanna avoid and say I’m going out with my or stiff like that.

I’ve had insecurity issues as well.When they were big, I solved it and tried hard to love myself again. But I didn’t lie. Not once did I let my self-respect go.
I have minor issues now too.

Like I have an ego problem. I do.. with the smallest things. Just today I experienced it. In fact 2 days in a row, over money problems with the auto driver. And I told myself let go. I was seething with rage. Yestreday I yelled. Because he was at fault. Today I didn’t because none of us were at fault but he was being really nasty and rude and seemed like he wanted to fight.
I cant take any kind of silly dominance and all that bullshit. The auto drivers arent always that bad. But these two!! Im getting angry thinking of them

Anyway… that’s my story.. and I really hope people will stop lying to one another. See when people meet me. They meet the real me. The person I am. I take time to open up. But I don’t have layers. I trust people. That’s a problem.
But I dunno any other way.

I really don’t.

I wish I could make everyone see how life would be easier if they stopped lying and started trusting one another. Started being professional in their careers. Started looking at things objectively when needed. Sigh…I only hope you guys got my message at least! Im not trying to say stop lying.But don’t do it unnecessarily. Its really not cool.Its Immature and stupid.


anup.777 said...

hmmm ... I agree completely, buddy!!! ... but I doubt it will ever happen yaar ... thats the sad fact of life ... people will always lie ... they will always mess with emotions ... they'll never learn ... and the lives of the few who make an effort to avoid lying doesn't get easier ... :(

Janefield said...

absolutely agree with you! humans have weakness and are fallible, but that is no excuse for deliberately lying to people.

Keshi said...

terrific post! Loved it girl :)

**In fact I never know whose telling the truth anymore

haha sweet.

I must admit I have lied...but not big lies. Sweet lil lies to avoid hurting ppl. I think thats ok. eg: when I once went out with my ex-bf and lied to my cousin bro when I got home. hehehehe.

but yeah I agree heavy lies r really scary and can be damaging r'ships. SAY NO TO LIES ppl.

Like u I trust ppl...there's no other way for me. And likewise I want to be able to trust plz dun lie ppl. We can have a better world if there's TRUST in it.


the_ego_has_landed said...

~anup- yeah i knw.. its an ideal situation .. if it happens..

~janefield- 'but that is no excuse for deliberately lying to people.'


~keshi- thanks!:)

'Sweet lil lies to avoid hurting ppl. I think thats ok. eg: when I once went out with my ex-bf and lied to my cousin bro when I got home. hehehehe.'

lol so cute:)thnx for supporting heheh

Jumping Juipters said...

very true ... people should stop lying ... i do lie sometimes .. but then doing so leaves a very bad taste in my mouth .. i feel very sorry about what i have done ... lying should be the last option ... and the fact is even if it is the last option, you dont feel too good about it at the end .

hairbraned said...

oooh someone's topped the psyche course in class last yr!!! ;)
one thing i should let u know... i've been born to a family of liars... oops lawyers!! hehe...
and one more...
anyone specific??

the_ego_has_landed said...

~jj-'but then doing so leaves a very bad taste in my mouth .. '

yeah agree on that!

~hairbraned-shutup okay.. hhahah.. yeah me talkin about u! lol.. no man.. just seen alot these days..

Babushka said...

another white lie? ;)
chill it

Karthik said...

Sometimes its necessary to lie to protect that "Secret Garden"