Saturday, December 02, 2006

This time Its Really different!!!

Dedicated to AK

So close to you. I bare it all open.

The wounds, the scars, the flaws,
the love, the peace-- all open to you
and you'll still care and
accept me for who I am.

'shameless' with you.
impulsive and wild.

I don't have to impress you.
That's why I don't lie to you
I don't need to.
You'll always be by my side.

That's what makes us special,
& I mean it when I say, "This time its really different."


anup.777 said...

*grins* I'm happy 4 ya buddy!!! :)

Babushka said...

:) :)
hope every single day is as exciting and impulsive and fun as "this" time, which is for real, as many more to come will be :)
mwah! hugs!

the_ego_has_landed said...

~anup- thanks :) *grins back*

~babs-"hope every single day is as exciting and impulsive and fun as "this" time, "
aw... thanks :D

Ubiquitous said...

This time is just the same
Both you and he are to blame
You wild girl, is he tame?
Or are you both 'same to same'?

I wish the best for both of you
Hope your wish comes really true
I know this sounds a bit too lame
In your wedding card, hope AK's the name!!


Gosh, sorry this is sooo pathetic. Result of pathtic performance in the exams.

Wishus are jenwin tho.
Pliss pliss beliue me Ro.

*Ok, I'm out of here!!!*

Nanyaar? said...

whoa whoa, I dont know who AK, but them sure is one really lucky person.

oh by the way I guess the exams shud be over today, i hope your up with a lot of posts!! :D

welcome bac!