Saturday, September 01, 2007

Magic :)

(To poo, wrote it long back.)

I looked up at the night sky.
I saw the stars.
I saw your smile.
I saw the moon.
I remembered your eyes.
I looked around the silent night.

Alone but with you.
Asleep but awake in you.

I never want to let go of this magic.
I'm holding this ball of fire.
Carressing it between my palms
Gently touching it and feeling its warmth.

Its glowing next to my cheek.
I smile.
I'm hugging it.
This dynamic living breathing thing, so beautiful;
oblivious to everything tangible or intangible.

I throw it up.
It shatters the dark sky into golden stars.
Spreading above me.
I laugh as I stretch my hands out.

Gold dust around me,
feeling the essence of my creation.

How long will they light my sky?
Only time will tell, my love.


equilibrium said...

Wow! Really nice.

Anonymous said...

I think its written amazingly,u have such a gift for writing, very few people can write like u, its inspiring. Keep writing more :)

Pravin said...


Since I can't write sane stuff, I love pooh bear too! :D

the_ego_has_landed said...

~equi.. thanks :)

~anon- who art thou?
but thanks :D

~pravin- poo.. is a person!!lol

Ubiquitous said...

Wishing the best for both of you, as always.

Lovely verses, Ro. How did he react when he read it? :)

Babushka said...

...Alone but with you.
Asleep but awake in you...

:) i keep updating you about how i feel about you two! hehehe...

keep the dream alive and magical and mesmerizing and energizing... :)

the_ego_has_landed said...

~ubi- thanks girlie :) :)all the best for u too!! ;)
guess who the anonymous is! lol :P

~babs- "keep the dream alive and magical and mesmerizing and energizing... :)"

thanks... I really appreciate the way u feel about us :D

Ramses said...

ro, ro, ro. truly madly[+vely] that four letter word, no you made it five

the_ego_has_landed said...

~ramses- :) btw.whats 5 ?