Wednesday, March 05, 2008

And then came the rain....

Expression in any form is beautiful, individual and unique. How we express ourselves, our energies, our laughter, our love, our fears, our desires ...... differs from one person to another.

There are times when I get frustrated with people who dont express what they feel, why they feel it, or when... they just cant, or they get it all wrong... and sparks fly and I get annoyed. Then there are those who hate confrontations and I cant take that! I mean if your not wrong, why fear? And if you aren't right, why fear again? Why not face it, and move on?? These things are common. I've been through my bad days too and confessing isnt easy always! Its tough. But at least I can sleep well at night, once its done.

Well the reason I started writing today, is cause off late I have been missing my passion. My outlets. And today I could express. I could be myself and I was appreciated.
I danced :)

In between all this maddness and compulsions, I hope I can perform again. I really miss it.. and it fell like it was raining on me and I smiled through the water drops.
This is how I had started my day, till things went awry. I wont let anyone's opinions or judgements touch this place. Conventions and rubbish. So unfair. Just coz Im a woman.
Im publishing this cause I believe in finishing things once you start it. Esp when I wrote this all
smiling :)


flyingstars said...

lovely reading your thoughts especially the last line says it all, you have written it smiling...we all love to get lost in our thoughts for some time at least any re-analyse the situations in front of us...have a nice time!

flyingstars said...

Hi, I have removed the mahashivratri post only from the main page. You can follow this direct link or even from the link in the extreme right sidebar under the head 'Spring Fiesta'. The direct link is- "". Thanks:)

the_ego_has_landed said...

~kalyan - thanks :) Yeah I'll read it soon!! :)

Ramses said...


Pranay said...

Hey U a dancer too??? Great!
Nice post. Even I hate ppl who dont wanna talk bout problems as if they'll get sorted out on their own.