Monday, January 04, 2010


When we were young we designed bookmarks and collected the cool ones with funny sayings or unique designs. A bookmark had its own attitude.

But nowadays we've almost done away with them...

I've seen people use a restaurant bill, boarding pass, visiting cards, and my very own current bookmark-take away menu of an asian cuisine joint! :)


Ode said...

welcome back!

i love book marks, they make reading so much special... and i still have a few of the dried leaves variety... but mostly, these days, its all about the one's they give you free @ Crosswords and Landmarks, which are almost always adverts of some sort!

*Sigh* the pleasures of reading!

But, once again, welcome back :)

the_ego_has_landed said...

hey... hehe yeah thanks... good to be back bt dunno what to write yet :(!!

hw u been!

Pat Henry said...

I see you like bookmarks, I have a blog on those I found in our local library... enjoy:

clueless comrades said...

Shifted to an ipad.. all my bookmarks wither away unnoticed now..