Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Looks are everything. If not you’re living in a make-believe world.
Those eyes looked up at me confused and helpless. Everything was in my hand. But nothing seemed to go right. All morals and principles were blackened when I realized we are such hypocrites. Even though I could blindly follow mine, uncontrollable factors (people) influenced the fate of Flake.
Flake was what I wanted to call this tiny creature, innocent and dirty. Stronger than his brothers and sisters, Flake was so used to me in 3 hours. I felt like his guardian. I felt comfortable. He had to be given away for reasons that just boil down to--looks are everything.
I saw him leave, from my arms to another’s. I trusted the others as they weren’t strangers. But Flake was treated with medicines. Why can’t I keep him? Flake I want to visit you, but if I do, I might not be able to walk away, yet.

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