Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My magical potion

I reached home early and threw my bag on the floor. I was so happy I had just missed the heavy rain that was now hitting hard on the windows! Nobody was home!Me all alone!
After my little victory dance I decided I needed a plan of action. The first thing that I felt was this urge to have hot tea. It was cold and the thought of hot tea seemed good.
Thus began the making of my special tea. Special because I was home alone and it just felt special. I went into the kitchen and took out a big mug. Then I sought a pan. I was getting excited at the prospect of drinking tea and doing something fun. But I still had no clue what the fun part would be. Anyhow I boiled some water in the pan and added a spoonful of tea leaves. I was momentarily captivated by the swirling and bubbling water that had now turned dark brown. I put in some milk and waited for the mixture to rise till the brim. A monster I had created was rising and I easily put it out. It gave me a pleasant surprise that I had controlled ‘the monster’.Grinning stupidly at this afterthought I added two spoons of sugar to the empty cup. Then I poured the hot tea into it and stirred it. The aroma was enthralling. I was quite pleased with myself.
It was still raining. Suddenly there was a power cut. Disappointment was my immediate reaction and I realised subconsciously watching tv had been my idea of fun! I looked out of the French windows. My garden looked beautiful. I sat there and stared into the greens and sheets of rain, sipping on my magical potion. Everything seemed to fit in its place and I was happy!


cher said...

now i want tea...

the_ego_has_landed said...

hey cher! thanks..was hoping whoever read it felt the same way!

Finch, Scout said...

im hungry!!