Friday, October 28, 2005

Levels of Passion

(Wrote this in the summer of 2005)

Fire and emotions mix together and create Passion.You fall in love with an object.The object could be a person or just an inanimate object.An attachment so quick,too easy to comprehend, so sudden.So inappropriate, yet beautiful and tender.Holding on to such a feeling isn’t difficult.To retain this fervor isn’t an effort of the mind.It’s an act of the heart and this rules the mind, for the heart doesn’t follow logic,reasons and explainations.It follows the simple rule of pleasure.The inexplicable principle of not justifying and following basic instincts.Passion is bound by this and blinds your head.You take turns in life which make you fall or succeed.One things for sure, when its guided by your heart, you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, because you had no reason.The beauty of Passion is that it cannot be controlled but it can be curtailed.The art of curtailing passion can be understood and achieved after you are scarred. In some cases it takes one deep scar, while is some the heart requires more.But this magical curio becomes priceless when you learn this art.This art of curtailing and limiting your passions to different levels.And you are the sole master.Art of feeling without bleeding. Art of engaging without participating.This art of entering a world without existing.Its like feeling yet not feeling.A power that makes you proud to have been scarred.When one questions this judgement- he or she hasn’t been scarred, yet.

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