Thursday, May 15, 2008

Golden Kisses

Its funny how the small things in life are missed in our daily ‘fast-forward’ lives.

The other day I got up early and planned to do some exercise at home. I was feeling too lazy to drive to the club and if I delayed, I’d be late for work.

So I finished walking around my block for a good 30 mins.

Then I went home and it was about 7:30 am and I started doing exercises and stretches etc… and then as I was lying down, the sun hit my eyes.

I turned to block the light, it was hitting my eye. I put my right palm against the light, it cut it from my vision. I was a little perturbed as I was enjoying my workout, and now this sunlight was disturbing the peace.

But it took just a few seconds for my mood to turn. And suddenly it struck me, I have not had the sun hitting my eyes in days!!!

Lying down on my carpet and feeling the early-sun kisses on my skin, I started smiling. You know the not-harsh sun rays that one sees around 7:30am.

Corporate world is so cut off from all this. I used to rush out for work and come back late for days, and the whole day we work in artificial lighting. This sunlight dancing on my arms was so strangely pleasing. I even noticed the tiny hairs on my hand looked golden.
And I haven’t seen that in such a looonnggg time!!



equilibrium said...

Yes, the early morning sun does magic :)

equilibrium said...

And golden kisses is a pretty nice title!

Pranay said...

:)....So true...Life is something that passes on while we are busy with everything else...

Ubiquitous said...


the_ego_has_landed said...

~equi- :) thankyou! :)

~pranay- I know... trying to find essence in it everyday ;)

~ubi- welcome back ;) :):)

Rach said...

oh yes yes!!... it does happen!

well, my way of finding sanity in such case is simple... just stare up at the sky... against a building... and u can see nuthing but a caqlm sky smiling back at all of us, wondering why the whole world is running helter skelter!

Gets me my peace of mind back!

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