Wednesday, December 03, 2008

November 26th, Wednesday, Night 9:15 pm onwards....and it went on... for 60 hours

Burning Taj Hotel

Mumbai, India, and the world were not prepared for this ghastly terror attack.
South Mumbai was attacked by 10 terrorists at the Taj Mahal Hotel, Oberoi,at Nariman point, and CST

What was shocking were the young boys who think they're 'jihadis' and really have no clue what they got into. I seiously believe people who have brainwashed them are the ones to blame. I dont blame these boys. Yes I do get angry at their "I dont regret" attitude. What is also shocking is the one terrorist captured alive, Kasav's revealation of events. Its kind of unreal and funny. I mean, havent we heard of the code of silence? When a mafia's gangster is caught, they would rather die than give away secrets of the organisation.
Either Kasav is misguiding the interrogators or he's being a hypocrite when he says he doesnt regret shooting random people.


Nearly 150 people died according to the papers/ media. Which means it will easily be about 300. That's how it always is. No one wants to highlight a big number.

I'm just shocked at the whole event. I couldnt sleep.

What was amazing is the calibre, and strength the terrorists possessed. To fight continuously for 3 days till the end. Its like they were in some sort of video game and kept going up onto the toughest levels. It really looked like these 20 yr olds had no clue what they've gotten into. I was also very angry with them. I cursed them like millions of people. But seriously, it was after the revealations that we understood the physical training they went through for months.

An NSG Commando ready

But of course, the men who saved India. Fighting and strategically moving into the terrorist occupied buildings --- The NSG, MARCO, ARMY, unarmed and khaki police officers. I think every rank possible was present. Except for the Navy :P, they were busy investigating, what went wrong at the water front!
Well whatever said and done. The army saved us. This was modern war in front of our eyes.The fact that the NSG personnel had to study the blueprint of the TAJ in a few hours to conquer the terrorists in 2 days, is extremely credible compared to the terrorists who possessed the building plan much earlier and trained well. Who knows they probably created a mini one at their camp! lol

I dont think India will forget this and move on. I dont want Mumbai to forget this and move on, nor should India move on! We need action, and we all need to be part of it.

I hope our government stops demanding NSG personnel for their Z+ security. If everyone is VVIP then we need more trained and armed personnel in the likes of the NSG.


I'd like to dedicate this post to the brilliant Army and NSG personnel, the Late :ATS chief - Mr.Hemanth Karkare, encounter specialist Mr.Vijay Salaskar and Additional Commissioner of Police Mr.Ashok Kamte who lost their lives protecting and fighting for this country.


- Ubiquitous - said...

We haven't forgotten but we're moving on. :)

Zee said...

think ur label says it all....disgust at what happened

Insomniac said...

Its like you dont know what to trust now. :(

Insomniac said...

btw.. chk out my active blog under Kenneth on Equi's blog roll :)

the_ego_has_landed said...

~ubi - Yeah.... sigh

~ Zee- hello! yes I wrote my impulsive thoughts on the label

~insomniac - I know man... its sad/scary. Will check :)

RandomThoughts said...

What an experience. Even for those of us in far away Bangalore!

How are you?


the_ego_has_landed said...

Rashmi - Im fine now... how about u?

I just hope this doesnt happen again.