Thursday, January 05, 2006


My friend Esme took this pic and I loved it!!:) Isnt it beautiful...they were on the shelf...I could've brightened it but wanted to leave 'natural'!

EVERYONE- HAPPY NEW YEAR!! HOPE U HAVE A GREAT 2006! I've been busy with my college fest.Its called Cul-ah! N we got real cool sweatshirts this time..heheh..bright!


rebel_on_loose said...

Hey there...nice blog u got..."Down Memory Lane" was pretty interesting too. Hope u have a great 2006 !

Ramses-The Ego's Altered said...

yep!!! bful pic!

New year wishes to u too:)

Ajay said...

happy new year mate

chez said...


the_ego_has_landed said...

rebel- thanks...hope u have a gr8 yr too!:D

ramses- ur pic is neat too..lil scary tho hehe:p

ajay- u too!:)

chez- u too!:)

SquirmsteR said...

And a Happy New Year to you! And yes, I like that picture. Glad to see ya back again!

Ubiquitous said...

Wow Ro!!

It's a really b'ful pic.

It seems like two people who're close physically, but their souls are far, far apart.


the_ego_has_landed said...

squirm!! hi! lol

reyn- nice interpretation..without puns hahah;)