Thursday, December 29, 2005


Former IIT professor shot dead

DH News Service Bangalore:


Two days after the Delhi police apprehended some terrorists who were allegedly planning attacks on key sites across the country, including Bangalore, an armed assailant killed a retired IIT Delhi professor, M C Puri, and injured seven others in a daring assault on the delegates of an international conference at the premier Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore on Wednesday around 7 p.m. At least seven scientists were injured in the suspected terrorist attack in the J N Tata Auditorium premises on the IISc campus. An AK-47 rifle was used by the assailant. An unexploded hand grenade was found a few meters in front of the auditorium and an Ak-47, three magazines and 11 spent cartridges were recovered from the premises. Four bullets were also pumped into a Lancer car parked beside the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Constulancy building.


The Intelligence Bureau(IB) had alerted the city police and the state police in Nov. about a possible attack by the Lakshar-e-Toiba militant outfit.

According to the IB sources there were 3 such alerts over a span of 20 days to the state police.
IB sources told Deccan Herald that Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) during its recent meeting, had planned "a strategy with extremist groups to launch fresh attacks on a limited basis in the Indian territory,especially in the southern states."

The prime targets chosen were Bangalore and Hyderabad.

“Wednesday's terror shoot-out has raised doubts about the IT hub's security situation as the manhunt for the perpetrators of the suspected terror attack on the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) campus has been intensified. A high-level meeting will be conducted Thursday to take stock of the security situation.

Wednesday evening's daring strike has unnerved the city which has earned the reputation of being the country's technology hub housing some of the top software firms, which have now been asked to tighten security.”

-The Times Of India

‘The victim was an Emeritus Professor of Mathematics who had won several laurels for
his work on the subject. He was in Bangalore to attend an international seminar on 'Operational Research'.

"He used to go to Bangalore every year to attend the seminar. When this incident happened there was a girl standing in front of him and he had seen the attacker. He pushed the girl down and shouted that there has been an attack. The girl escaped unhurt while the bullet hit him," said Vikas Kumar, Professor's son-in-law.

The brother of the deceased also mourned the great loss."I remember my childhood when my brother used to take care of me like a guardian. He used to take great interest in my studies. It's all coming back to me now," said Y C Puri, brother.’


I'm just so shocked at the incident. It happened yeserday at 7 pm.The whole thing shook us...I know no place is safe now...but its never been more blatant..and somehow B'lore didnt fit into the bracket of being a target.
I felt so vulnerbale..and to some extent still do... Its really sad the way they shot randomly. It seems they didnt aim at any one in particular...On tv MC Puri's neighbour said "I hope whoever did this finds peace and doesnt attack innocent people...its a henious crime especially when he was such a decent and disciplined man..."
Its true..I hope they find peace too...or else this will never end.

I'm also extremely disappointed and ashamed of the police and the government .Man they got 3 alerts!!!!! sheesh!

sigh...hope MC Puri's family has courage and peace to cope with such a shocking and tragic incident.


Ubiquitous said...

Yeah, it's really tragic. Imagine what he came for, and he met death. His family must be devastated.

Hard to accept the fact that our city, once the safest is now a haven for crime.

On a lighter note, I'm back on the front :D

Nice template =) Check my post to know my resolutions, if any :p

Anonymous said...

I have a request to those terrorists, Please don't target these scientists/professors etc. no use. Instead try vidhan soudha or some corporation buliding. Public will have some benefit and you guys might get some support from them too if you manage to get at least one of those useless politicians!!

SquirmsteR said...

Ego...I am sorry to hear about the attack!! I did not get a chance to finish reading...I don't have enough time, but I will come back and finish it later. I just wanted to tell you welcome back!!

the_ego_has_landed said...

Hey...reyn...glad u was ur trip?Can u believe college starts on MON!???haha...dunno If i'll go...(yuck)I'll check urs lil later...kinda busy!

hi to laugh..but its not funny! I mean i know they're bloody useless but still man..its quite scary.I was fine until my paranoid fren scared me..n now doesnt wanna celebrate new years eve:( anyway...hope those 'jobless attackers' get peace!sigh...

Squirm- I never went anywhere..and thanks for dropping by:) I ve just been busy hanging out and meeting up with pals.But i'm quite loyal to my fact I updated it at my fren's place..and they were grumbling.."u n ur blog!" hhehehee:p
how's it going for u??

chez said...

lets hope such incidents are not repeated. Its disgusting to see innocents being killed.

Φ said...

Ro indeed a bad news. I hope these things don continue and state is on high alert..

..Hope we have a new begining starting new year..let us have "CHANGE" for good..

Prosperous new year to you..

the_ego_has_landed said...

chez- yeah its really sad...lets hope for the best!

phi- Happy and a prosperous new year to u too!I hope we change for the good too...

what's the world coming to...its really sad!

exasparater said...

it was the worst end to the indian scientist..
yet the IISC didnt ask for police protection...
u cannot have a conference with high profile people without basic police protection....
iam feeling very sorry for the family...

happy newyear...

the_ego_has_landed said...

hey exasparater thanks! Happy new year too!

Ramses-The Ego's Altered said...


u shdnt expect our govt /police to be awake..!sleepers!


NEAT template yo!

SquirmsteR said...

EGO.....OMG!! I FINALLY got a chance to read your post all the way through......3 warnings!! I am so sorry that this happened to you! Terrorist attacks are scary... just when you think you are safe, and you feel secure, all those feelings are just tossed out the window! When we had our terrorist attack here in 2001 (NYC), I was far away from it...only say it on tv....but it still hit hard. I can not imagine if it had happened in my city how much harder it would have been! My prayers are with you.

Oh, and you asked how things are going for me.....good! Just been busy with work, the holidays, and trying to catch up on missed sleep! Things are good with me and my special good as they can be for now, and that makes me happy! Work is good, and the fam. and friends are good too!! How are things with you?

Ash said...

yup Agree it is tragic myv be the police will take it as a challenge to be more alert and save the day next time .......

hey ro between regards for a wonderful new year .....