Wednesday, March 22, 2006

7 songs I shake booty too..well i try;p

I was tagged by MICHELLE:)

the tag is - 7 soings u r into right now

Well I dunno if I’m really into these songs right now…cause they’re on and off..u know.. I’ll go in order of preference, i.e. the once I groove to more these days! Lookin fwd to read ur posts on this interesting tag…

~~Everytime we touch(radio mix) by Cascada

(chorus) 'Cause every time we touch, I get this feeling And every time we kiss, I swear I can fly Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last, Need you by my side 'Cause every time we touch, I feel the static, And every time we kiss, I reach for the sky, Can't you hear my heart beat slow, I can't let you go, I Want you in my life.

The lyrics aint as good as da’s a dance no!shake booty types

~~Sorry- Madonna

”I don't wanna hear, I don't wanna knowPlease don't say you're sorryI've heard it all beforeAnd I can take care of myselfI don't wanna hear, I don't wanna knowPlease don't say 'forgive me'I've seen it all beforeAnd I can't take it anymore”

hahah…she makes sense:)

~~ Fix u- Coldplay
When you try your best, but you don't succeed When you get what you want, but not what you need When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep Stuck in reverse When the tears come streaming down your face When you lose something you can't replace When you love someone, but it goes to waste Could it be worse?

~~ My illusion- Benni Benassi

Lyrics are…but cool beats…and like to listen to it when Im drivin…:D

~~Beep and Don’t ya – Pussy cat dolls;)

“I know u like me, I know u do. That’s why when I come around she’s all over you……………..

Etc.. Baby don’t u wish ur girlfriend was hot like me…”

~~When I’m gone- Eminem

“And when I'm gone, just carry on, don't mournRejoice every time you hear the sound of my voiceJust know that I'm looking down on you smilingAnd I didn't feel a thing, So baby don't feel no painJust smile backAnd when I'm gone, just carry on, don't mournRejoice every time you hear the sound of my voiceJust know that I'm looking down on you smilingAnd I didn't feel a thing, So baby don't feel no painJust smile back...”

it’s a song I was addicted to a while for 3

~~Lift ur leg up- Zoukey
Again a dance no…sad I couldn’t find the lyrics…but its something like

“come sexy girl, feel me, understand me sexy girl.
Lift ur leg up…common lift ur leg up”.

Lol..the beats and music rock…hehe

I was just rereading my list. N I must admit it aint the only kind of music I listen to..but I;ve been honest n put up no.s I’ve been listenin to..
Fast music gets me going…and sad and slow songs are favs too…but off late I don’t have the time to get into that “mood”. LOL;)
I need energy…pump it!!!!:) :P

I tag everyone reading this…and especially these ppl!! Wanna read do it!!:p


Rebel on loose
Caffeine Addict


rebel_on_loose said...

Hey awesome tracks these...
yea i luv foot tapping nos too...
BTW have u heard Rapture by ILo ?

Of these i find Sorry,Fix u , Don't u wish and When I'm Gone as real hot numbers.

Hey thnx for the tag...wud put up my list soon!

Este Miseria said...

why why why, oh WHY did i need to be tagged? now the whole world will know about my woeful ignorance regarding recent music!!!!

Keshi said...

wow u have some taste! good stuff :)

ok here's my current list..changes everyday but :)

~~Talk - Coldplay

"Oh brother I can't, I can't get through
I've been trying hard to reach you, cause I don't know what to do..."

~~Tourniquet - Evanescence

"I tried to kill the pain
but only brought more
I lay dying
and I'm pouring crimson regret and betrayal..."

~~U know ur right - Nirvana

"I will never bother you
I will never promise to
I will never follow you
I will never bother you
Never speak a word again
I will crawl away for good..."

~~Civil War - Guns n roses

"...For the love of God and our human rights
And all these things are swept aside
By bloody hands time can't deny
And are washed away by your genocide
And history hides the lies of our civil wars..."

~~Shows must go on - Queen

"Empty spaces - what are we living for?
Abandoned places - I guess we know the score..
On and on!
Does anybody know what we are looking for?..."

~~Hotel California - Eagles

"Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
’relax,’ said the night man,
We are programmed to receive.
You can checkout any time you like,
But you can never leave..."

~~The Reason - Hoobastank

"I'm not a perfect person
There's many things I wish I didn't do
But I continue learning
I never meant to do those things to you
And so I have to say before I go
That I just want you to know..."


Michelle said...

oooo i love the beats in the songs by benni benassi :D n o course pcd,my favvv!!!!

when im gone is a classic song i think its the best eminem has come up wid so far!!

awesome list!!! thanx fo takin tha tag :D

Ubiquitous said...


Don't tell me you shake your umm booty to Fix You!!!

That must be a cold play ;);)

Thanks for the tag!! :)

PS: I now announce to the world that your current fav is Hrimesh Reshamiya's Jhalak Dikhlaja.. gosh.. how much you bugged me in Psycho Practs today :D

the_ego_has_landed said...

~rebel-yeah i used to love rapture...till i played it too...many times;p hehe

cool!:) ..looking fwd to it!

~ca-hahahah:0 oh common..basically 7 songs ur into..not recent ones..k? thats simple no?

cool...u have gr8 taste too...i like the reason by hoobastank:),talk, hotel california...

esp the part "but u can never leave"tananana...(gutiar) heheh

~michelle-hey girl:)yeah benni after a point..i cant take it give myself breaks :p
ur welc. n thnks for taggin me:)

~ubi- NO I DONT! thats why i wrote..well i try in the title;p lol..since most are dance no.s, hehhee

hey that song just got stuck in my head damn radio city!:/
...i think its an annoying song..hahahha:)n i didnt bug u..if i remember u kept laughing;p
*I mean its ME:), u cant get bugged with ME!??* :p ;)

anup.777 said...

thanx 4 da tag buddy! ...

these are mostly recent tracks I believe ... coz' other than Sorry, I've not really heard the others ... maybe I'll d/l them now ... :)

injinuity said...

all pop songs suck... can you enlarge the list so as to add a bloody million of em pop songs to your list ;-)

Babushka said...

see, finally here *giggle*
ok, i dunno why i did that...
put up my songs... check them out...
haven't heard madonna's song... not into her too muc anyway tho...
but yeah, 'fix u' stays...
gosh, i should go before i giggle or sigh some more...
anyway, cheers!

SquirmsteR said...

Ego......I have missed you!! I am so sorry for not stopping by more often! Things are still crazy around here and I have just not been up to blogging and checking on all my blogger friends. You know my situation though, so I hope you understand. (you see, things are worse right now).

I do like this post of my favs. was up there....I am a huge Em. fan, so "When I'm Gone" was the one off the list!

Awesome post! I will try my best to stop by more often....I really do miss all you guys! Thanks for checking in on me from time to time, I really did need that! :)

anup.777 said...

BTW, have completed the tag, buddy! ... it was fun! :)

Hope u r having a gr8 weekend!

introspective said...

Ha ha, sorry dude, me only like to read other peoples lists. don't think will be putting up my list anytime soon. but good songs you've selected. obviously Madonna rules. she most definaitley is the queen of pope and who doesn't love coldplay.
in case your getting any ideas don't i won't do it.

sunaina said...

hey by the way i must have sent you the same comment quite a few times for a previous mistake, sorry!!! i am a fool when it comes to techonology.

the_ego_has_landed said...

~anup-no prob:) will check it out:)
and thnks for doing it!hope u had a neat weekend too!:)

~injinuity(how the hell do u type this!!)- eh?say what?:p

~babs-heheh u n i know u don need a reason to

~squirmy- its k..miss u too:) hope things get better...TC@!!

~introspective-lol...was gonna tag u..sorry forgot to put it...but if u don wanna...wont force..its cool..:)

~sunaina-hehehe :) no worries..

Keshi said...

**esp the part "but u can never leave"tananana...(gutiar) heheh

lol ur cute!


the_ego_has_landed said...


Rohit Talwar said...

Coldplay ROCKS! Awesome band. One of my personal favourites.

hairbraned said...

well i'd like to see u shakinit actally!! so much i've heard and so little i've seen. well i've heard very few of them... cos u know my taste!! ;)
and sorry bout no contact yo...
my sim got destroyed by accident!!
check out wat happened on hehe

ani said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
anup.777 said...

time 4 an update .... :)

the_ego_has_landed said...

hey ani! the hell did u do that to ur sim!:p mad...
anyway..anup..I ve been really busy..and hardly come online..will update soon buddy:)TC:)

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Brrr...why is everyone on a break??

anup.777 said...

look forward 2 it ... :)

the_ego_has_landed said...

Hm...i dunno writer's(blogger's) block?!!
nothing interesting coming up...lets

Keshi said...

Wheres u?


anup.777 said...

at least we know u r allrite na buddy ...

have a gr8 week ahead ... :)