Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I don’t get it.

Why have a separate day for women? Why the hype to have an ‘ego-booster’ day. Its pathetic! Are women a minority? They are the female ‘human being’. So why is there no Man’s Day? Mind u I’m not being a feminist about this…just logical and practical. I don’t think there should be any such DAY!for any sex!
Its like we need recognition for being born this way. Y? We don’t! its silly lol…really silly.
Today is just an excuse for companies,radio stations,websites,restaurants and pubs etc to launch discounts or special offers for women and in the process publicize themselves.

For instance radiocity is having a special on this and inviting women to come into the studios from 9-9 and chat with them. That’s ok…but they gave a no. to message in our comments etc. So I did..I said it’s an ego-booster. But my message wasn’t read out nor did I get a call. Now why did that happen? Because they don’t want any negative remarks. But there are two sides to a story and they could’ve had a debate on it, which would’ve been fair.

This post is to make people think. Why do we need such days…celebrate it as an excuse but don’t get sucked into it. Like one girl said on air “why do people messg me happy women’s day on my phone?I mean why cant they call me up so that I can feel more special!”(laughs)
See? That’s my point…is she stupid or just talking crap cause she’s on
Why do women need this ‘special’ feeling by being celebrated cause she’s a woman on one day of the year!?

I still don’t get it.


Este Miseria said...

its a good thing to have because we've been segregated, victimized and squished on so often..

on the other hand what good does a single day do? we're still victimized, used and abused the day after...

(i am only playin devil's advocate here- don't take me seriously; i think women's day is a commercial marketin gimmick like v day friendship day and all that rot) :)

Ramses-The Ego's Altered said...

power to u gal!
i agree!!!!!!!!

now i know wht u were ref to when u msged n told me abt that radio city thing:P

good post!!

Keshi said...

well I know wut u's like Valentines' Day and it's purely commericial...

but on the other hand, I still think it's good to have such special days to 'remind' ppl of certain things...cos not all ppl r appreciative of certain things in life unless they r reminded...:)


Michelle said...

omg!!! this is THE exact thing i was thinkin yesterday!!!! i so agree wid u!!!

rebel_on_loose said...

Ummm well i agree tht ur not being a feminist wen u say tht.
Nothing but a bunch of crappy marketing gimmicks.
Lol...thts y i said earlier soon v'll have a "Today is nothing day!", coz most other days wud b assigned 2 sumthing or another.

Babushka said...

agree women have been thru it all..
dusn mean we still need something, someone or a day specially for us...its like being given a reason to celebrate when everyone's the freedom to do whtever, whenever.

****in horseshit, tht's wht it is!

its jus for them women who got it all. theyre are millions who still havent.

the only day tht shld exist is our happy burrdays...

the_ego_has_landed said...

~caffeine-hahaha..u crack me up! yeah man agree

~ramses-thanks! feel the'power'??!;p

~keshi-hm...the other side...

"special days to 'remind' ppl of certain things...cos not all ppl r appreciative of certain things in life unless they r reminded" yeah....a point..i know what ya mean too;p

~michelle-cool man! :)

~rebel-hahha..that's true...nice concept..nothing day! :)lol

~babushka-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:P i dunno..birthday'll lose its essence no?

ani said...

they need a day to tell themselves... "we're not the weaker sex!!" hehe.... kiddin ;D