Monday, October 13, 2008


I have been hit- EQUI's tagged me!

5 quirks/addictions

•Tomato Ketchup : Love the flavour! Usually have it with a lot of food items like pizza,noodles,toast & cheese, cutlets etc… :P
•Cell phone : Addicted to it, to chat! To press snooze when I’m supposed to get up!!
•Listening to Music/Radio while I bathe. Cant do otherwise!
•Playing with my hair, twirling and feeling strands of hair. Dunno why I do this. Mom keeps shouting, not to! :O lol
•Dressing up : I have to dress well. Dress smart.It doesn’t mean wearing makeup all the time, in fact I hardly wear makeup. But its like I wont be caught in a loose T shirt or pajamas even to the ‘food world’ near my house!

Anyone who wants to do this one can! :)


Pranay said...

Hehehe....Awesome tag ain't it? Brings out the (mostly) bad in you! :D
Bathing with music or Radio? hahahaha...:D
Rest are all Ok..You are pretty normal.

the_ego_has_landed said...

pranay, bathing with music is normal ok! lol Lot of my frens do it too!!

equilibrium said...

Nice one. And it reminds me, even I love tomato sauce. And I was addicted to it so much that I used to eat it with curd rice also :O the taste sucks though.

Ubiquitous said...

But its like I wont be caught in a loose T shirt or pajamas even to the ‘food world’ near my house!

Shame on you tight top and skin tight jeans waali! :D

the_ego_has_landed said...
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the_ego_has_landed said...

ubi- veryfunny ok! Im not like u ok, major babe an all ;P

Ram said...

How can you hear the music when the water is flowing and all? wont it be just a bunch of disturbed sounds? Anyways I sing when I bath... and people in my house gets seriously annoyed... :)

And Atlas shrugged is awesome. It is much more heavier that fountainhead; which is good.

the_ego_has_landed said...

ram- I blast music lol! Its real loud in the mornings. heheh
Guess what, even before u told me about atlas... i went and bought it on impulse! hehe Started reading it.. lets see how intense it gets!