Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ironic questions & thoughts

Sometimes I wonder how mechanical I can get.
Driving without thinking of the road.
Sometimes I've driven for a good 5 mins, and then asked myself, I hope it was the green signal! I just followed the other cars. Herd mentality! :P


When I think of a prostitute, I think whatever the reason she is doing it, it must be so hard for her. How does she fall asleep at night?

"How does a prostitute sleep at night?"

"um... in a Y position?"

Tut tut.. so evil... Yeah
If only I was so simple! LOL


What is bravery? (for a relationship/ moment)

Yelling and asserting something in the beginning of a disturbing relationship/moment.

Waiting for it to reach a peak and letting it all out.

Waiting and not altering anything.

Walking out.Away.Blocking ur ears


Why is that I forget disturbing things of the past? Why is that when Im not talking to someone I forget the good times we shared? Forget the jokes and laughs? Why is my mind not letting me? What sort of defense mechanism is this?? When I dont want it!!

Have I no say?



Inspiring, influencing.

Why do we fit ourselves into that powerful character and think yes thats me. Or I can see myself doing the same thing soon?

How is that all of us are so similar? We think we are unique. We are just bits of each other. Even in hatred we are alike.

Why cant religion bring this out?


Why am I so hard on myself?

I dunno.

But I like it. I dont know how to not judge myself. How to forgive myself and live easy.Forgiveness can happen, eventually.

I feel useless then. I feel if I have no opinion about myself, then I cant judge someone else.

Sometimes, I wanna let go though.


We are all scared of ourselves. Scared of the side that doesn't give in to control.

Those who aren't scared are spoiling themselves in pandora's box of sins.


Why cant we write? without being judged....


- Ubiquitous - said...

It's good to forget sometimes, it really is.

About the good times, you can always write them down, if you don't trust yourself in future. He he.

Then again, trusting yourself is so essential. So be a little less harsh on yourself and see green signals all around! :D

Karthik said...

You know we humans are made of the same thing.Boring but true. However when we have a mind that has its own unique "mind"print; each thought and experience is interpreted in a unique way.

Hey i find that you are a voracious writer.I will take my time to read through.

Keep it up! Cheers :)

Pranay said...

Man! What a mixed bag of a post!

What is a Y position?

Bravery is keeping quiet without walking away and calming things.

Forgetting the bad things is a good defence mechanism. Remembering the good can give you joy. May be you tend to associate them with the bad ones too. You can try intentionally going through good memories. Remember, at the End all you are gonna have are memories. Keep them.

We are bits of each other and thus unique. But I do think all other divisions are unnecessary. Religion included.

I don't like living in guilt. So I forgive myself and move on. The point being what's happened has happened, you are only punishing yourself for nothing.

Don't be scared. Even that's you. Cherish it.

the_ego_has_landed said...

~ubi - yeah!! green signals lol :)

~karthik - hehe I dunno, I think we thrive wanting to be unique... bt nothing is unique! :) Thanks... hope u keep reading!

~pranay - wow ya! Ur comments were so sweet! Thanks :) Yeah I feel like a mixed bag!! lol :P

equilibrium said...

Herd mentality :)

Nice one.

the_ego_has_landed said...

~equi- hehe yeah! Its so funny when that happens ;p

Pranav Kumar V said...

hmmm, I've jumped quite a few rememberings in the last 5 mins. Especially the herd mentality, there are times when I fell asleep driving a bike(!!) and 5 secs later(which is a LOTS of time for two wheels that roll by themselves) my good friend Hitesh who's behind me slaps me on my back and says, "Dude, are you awake??" And I'm like, "Yea yea" and I've even stopped feeling about anything else on the road these days while in the car, I am just hoping some speeding truck doesn't mow me down before I turn off the ignition!!

And being hard on one's self (though I don't refer to it as hard) is good, really good. For me, it makes me what I am, for who I am. Never let go, it'll be a lost identity and the remains of a soul that once was!!

Had fun!! :)

P.S. MAN!! the memories are still flashing through!! good good...

Tifossi said...

"We are all scared of ourselves. Scared of the side that doesn't give in to control."
Thats so true.. good work done in recallin and puttin together all dese thoughts..nice post!

the_ego_has_landed said...

~pranav - hehe thanks for such a detailed comment :)

"Dude, are you awake??" And I'm like, "Yea yea"

yeah I know! I fell asleep once while driving late at night.. was so tired from work! scary!!

"Never let go, it'll be a lost identity and the remains of a soul that once was!!" --- ur right :)

And im glad my post brought back memories :)

~tifossi - Im glad u picked that part... it was a difficult one to explain :)