Friday, October 03, 2008

Slow traffic
Random thoughts
Birds flying above me.

Getting all the green signals on my way to work and back!! :) (happened to me last Friday)
Music and songs stuck in my head,
Grins and smirks across our conversations
Audible not visible.

Impulsive buys and chaos,
Ecstasy for an hour and then panic!
Up the graph and zooming down to zero.

Secrets,and white lies
Giggles and love
Cuddle under my blanket, smiling at the eventful week.


Ram said...

aaahh... that feeling of a flawless eventful week. Wonder why it never happens to me.

Pranay said...

Beautiful. Glad you have a 'life'! :P..Had a smile while reading it.

And yes, Thanks for your wonderful comment....somehow it made so much more sense and also felt good.

equilibrium said...

Green signals?

That is cool! You feel blessed in that mad chaos.

the_ego_has_landed said...

~ram- welcome! lol actually it was not flawless!! My impulsiveness and stupidity - which caused me panic- later seemed like a good decision, and so I was happy! LOL :) :D

Babushka said...


feels like flying of sorts to me :)

the_ego_has_landed said...

~pranay- hey welcome about the comment.. Its not like I have a 'life' lol! I just end up doing silly things and then enjoy it later lol :P

~equi- I know!! :D felt so happy

~babs- yes...It was like that! :)

Squeeky/Shredder/Shrads/Chirkutt said...

reminds of a typical day in this rushed city. Where even small mercies like Green Signals mean a whole lot more when you have so much to do in such less time!! Thats the irony. Id probably be more irritated standing still for 10 minutes at the same spot on a red lighted signal, than a friend missing my bday! Seriously! Well said ro!