Friday, December 23, 2005

Beauty tip

I came across this article on ubersexuals in The Week.

But I think this applies to everyone...not only ubesexuals!:)

"Looking good is a symptom of fundamental insecurity. You use your exterior facade only to hide some flaws."



Ramses-The Ego's Altered said...


chking up the mag now!

Dino said...

making my debut here Ro... smart quote abt goodluks. lemme also go n check the mag :)

Ajay said...

Merry Christmas mate!!

RandomThoughts said...

or maybe it's just that "the First impression being the lasting one" takes a stronger stand!

I read that article too.


SquirmsteR said...

Don't we all worry about the way we look.....I know I do a good majority of the time! I will have to try to check out that article, Ego!

the_ego_has_landed said...

Ramses and dino!
Hehehe...I put this up because I think all of us wanna look good...and maybe sometimes try too hard!
ajay- Merry christmas!:)

Rashmi- Hm..u have a point...but honestly first impressions dont last that long when u truly know someone!

surim- yeah...we do...that's why I thought this quote was true..and made me think..

Eclectic Blogger said...

I can't agree more with the guy who said this!