Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Selfless endeavors

Today seemed liked just another day. I was late for class as usual..hehe -but the lecturer came in 5 mins before me..so its cool;) We had just one hour of college! Yeh! I’m free the whole day…or that’s what I thought!

Its that time of the year where the new student body is elected.So students who want to be part of the Union can campaign- put up posters, go to each class and give a lil speech, and say “blah blah blah and basically…and blah….so..PLEASE vote for me!”
A friend of mine is standing for Cultural secretary and she forced me to go along with her to every class!

Now that’s not me..nope..I’m actually quite selfish. I stay so far from college..that going back home and just relaxing is a treat,i.e.whenever classes are cancelled!

But today I was dumbstruck when she said “Elections are once a year!!” Hm…damn it..ur right. “N what’ll u do at home anyway??” Hm… (laugh) “I’ll watch a movie!” hehe…so I trudged the steps and stood outside the classes for her..she called it ‘moral support’ (grin). Lotsa students were campaigning together.
Yeah…it was moral support..but I felt selfless…and it’s a memory that’s tucked in my brain automatically…a memory that’ll make me grin and think..hm…so I did that!?!haha
Yep I listened to the same speech around 10-15 times and in some classes they asked her to dance …cause she said she’s a dancer..was funny and gutsy! :)

So it was just another day…and I had absolutely nothing to do!Except for my law class at 4:30 in the evening. So I had to hang around till then! But wait today I did another selfless deed..wonder why?

There’s a Christmas tree competition. All classes can take part…but my class had no clue..lol! anyway..so I met this other girl whose my friend’s friend..and we don’t know each other at all..just smile at one another when in same company.
So I’m sitting around (legs hurting from going all over campus..-campaigning) and this ‘new gal’ asks me… “You wanna help?” – they were decorating their tree.. “Sure…” ( they were putting up names of their classmates among the other decorations…how tough is that!)
“Are u creative?”..and she started digging into her bag… “Hehehe…uh..yeah..” thinking..oh no what’s coming my way??!
“Good! Can u make this poster for me?” Oh..whew! I love art..so its cool..and it was relaxing!
So I made this funky poster- Like the Branches of this Tree- We are all different yet One.

She suggested the line..:) I’m not like this..and I still don’t know why I did that poster. I don’t even know if I’ll hang out with them again..but just did it and felt strangely happy!

Hm..is it the spirit of the season or..me just having nothing to do…or just another non-bad mood day!? ;p


SquirmsteR said...

Sounds like you had a good day! I think maybe you are just feeling the spirit of the season. It brings out the good in people you know. Glad to hear that you had a good day, Ego!

Bhanu said...

oh..wow! Ro, guess we can count on you when there's some 'creative' work in progress next time around in our circles :P. ?

and ha? one of those non-bad-mood days ? .. lol..

chez said...

yes...the spirt of the season...and the reason is Jesus Christ :). Its his birthday after all that is being celebrated. You have a great time!.

the_ego_has_landed said...

squirm-thanks! :)yeah it was good..but nothing exceptionally great..but overall good:)

bhanu-hehehe...yeah I have major mood swings;p

chez-thanks!;)u too!

Ramses-The Ego's Altered said...


good girl:P:)

the_ego_has_landed said...

heheh thanks rams;)