Friday, December 16, 2005

Down Memory Lane.......

Got tagged by Rams

10 years ago…

Aah…life was innocent and fun and games- played ‘elastic’, dodgeball
Travelled in a big yellow school bus…it was sooo much fun!

It was that year (4th std) I had seen (and will most probably never see again) the skeleton of a dead bat…yep its gross but the image is still vivid! White and dry…lying on the floor outside a classroom. My school is celbrating 125 years this year ;)

Actually we did a lot of weird things…apart from finding dead bats…um..we called spirits using a coin! Queen Elizabeth was a favorite. It seemed to! My best friend (back then she was a good fren..but we used to fight and stuff) acted like she was possessed by a spirit and ran around the campus…it was so funny..I knew she was acting. But other kids were following her..hehe..weird how u cant forget somethings.. I can still picture her running with her hands spread out..haha..we still laugh about it!

10 years ago I learnt the meaning of the finger bet the index and ring finger.

5 years back….

Basketball was everything! I played it regularly and religiously and my whole batch was into it. I was a good shooter. I still am- tho need warm ups..hehe

9th std…um…my first spin the bottle game heheeee…god!

Started writing poetry and generally ‘figuring out life’…something that has stuck with me still?! Doesn’t look like its leaving soon..

Last year…

Oh man! Was awesome! Joined a superb course..loved it! And still do! Wrote a very interesting entrance exam for it…

Watched brilliant films…we had this movie marathon in college. Amazing films and we learnt film appreciation- director’s take on the movie, genre, use of colors..blah!

One disgusting and disturbing film- Rosemary’s baby (yuck)

Learned about love, life and friendship..seems like u can never stop learning.


Checked out this cute basketball player in college…we had intercollege matches going on…cheered for my college too!

Gossipped with a fren..on the ‘latest news’ hehe…

Drove my dad to my sis’ school…

Cribbed about life..and was pissed off for some reason…my usual mood swings!

5 yummy things…

Ooh..this one’s tough being a foodie..
Tandoori food…
Pasta, pizzas…and cheesy stuff (i.e. containing CEESE)
Chocolates and corner house ice- creams
Mangy food..and some south Indian delicacies
Gulab jamoon :) peaches, strawberries and cream

5 things I know by heart…

Phone no.s
Birthdays of special people
Way to my best friends’ houses
Way to my house ;p
Way to my school;)

5 things I’d do if I had lots a money…

Oh goodie..lots..where to start!??
GET A DOG! AND MANY IF POSSIBLE! Sigh..not allowed to have one:(
Labrador is one o my fav!
Get a fancy car
Hit expensive restaurants
Take family and friends on a…maybe separately is a better idea ;p
Flaunt ?!!>.heheh

5 places I escape to…

My loo
My bed, my room
My lalala land
My best friend’s/ friends house
Sometimes college..yuck..but it helps distract me!

5 things I’d never wear…

Hm..interesting…ok..lets see..

Fluorescent colours of yellow, green, orange…etc -actually all colours!
Moulin rouge attire!
Pink hat
Golden pants
Um…fig leaves????!!!

5 fav tv shows…

I love Star world!

One tree hill
Everybody loves Raymond
Life as we know it
The Apprentice

5 things I enjoy doing….

Surfing the net..checking mail,blogging..etc
Listening to music
Being extra successful in my lala land;p
Hanging out with my pals

Honestly I’ve not blogged for too here are a few I’d like to tag..tho most of my frens have already been tagged. I've tagged these guys cause they write really well!:)
Squirm , Vishwa, Ashes , Bhanu


Ajay said...

hey thanks for droppin... read ur previous post unreachable..its gr8..hey and that "things i have realised" is cool..
not yet read this post when find time will go through that....
keep visiting mine.....and add some art effects on ur page....

vishwa said...

This tag thing is quite interesting though i'm not sure i'll answer everything. Thanks for tagging me. Take care.

Ramses-The Ego's Altered said...

hehehe Ro, really cute one:P...found quite a lotta similarities..:D grt minds think alike;)

u dint like rosemary's baby!!!..hmm!!


ur yesterday's thing was real cute:P

nice read ro:)

SquirmsteR said...

That is awesome!!! It is amazing what you have 'forgotten' until you start thinking about where you have come from! You did an awesome job on your tag!

I hope I can answer all this stuff, I am sure going to try ;) Thanks for tagging me!!


Ash said...

hey ro ,

i will work on my memory and try to complete it....

Good night

Bhanu said...


thats a whole lot of info 'bout ya.. :)

u never told us how "My lalala land" of yours looks like :P ..

you passed on a heavy tag ! phew.. will have to go for a treadmill before I finish that :D

take care

the_ego_has_landed said...

hey ajay..thanks for visiting..and now have a scroll thanks to ur sit;)

Vishwa- I know u'll do an awesome job on ur tag!!:)n ur welcome!

Ramses- HEHE...thanks :)

Squirm- Thanks for the compliments..:)n ur welc!

Ashes-I know I had a prob recollecting too..but once u start guess its ok...:p

Bhanu-Common.I'm sure u'll make a funny tag;p..n my lalala paradise yet 2 gud to be true!??!hahaa

Ajay said...

hey finally u got it... its good but just reduce the font size.... it will look better

Ubiquitous said...

Lala land it seems :D

Dear ro, this post was fun
Among the best, this was one
Nice to know more bout you
Not that I wouldn't have a clue :p

"10 years ago I learnt the meaning of the finger bet the index and ring finger."

hehehehe :D

the_ego_has_landed said...

hahaha...thanks reyn:)