Thursday, December 22, 2005

"Put your heads on my shoulder"

I'm just relaxing at home...and was listening to this song...the lyrics are so cute:) it was originally sung by Paul Anka...however I was listening to the Good Charlotte version.

Put your heads on my shoulder
hold me in yours arms, baby
squeeze me oh so tight and show me
that you love me too

Put your lips next to mine dear,
wont you kiss me once so baby,
just to kiss goodnight and maybe
you and i will fall in love

People say
that love is a game
a game, you just cant win
if theres a way i'll find it someday
and then this fool will rush in

Put your heads on my shoulder
whisper in my ear baby
words i wanna hear, tell me
tell me that you love me too

Put your heads on my shoulder
whisper in my ear baby
words i wanna hear please, baby
put your heads on my shoulder


susubala said...

Ya, the lyrics seems to be lovely.

Happy enjoying with songs.

RandomThoughts said...

True! beautiful words!ENJOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY.

Thanx for dropping by!


Ramses-The Ego's Altered said...


Ubiquitous said...

Hey Ro, really nice words ya.

But why headS? Was he/she singing it for Ravana >:)


No time to check your prev post ya. Leaving for Mlore tonight and still have to do a lotta packing


Checked and commewnted on your tag post. Do check :p

Ubiquitous said...


Bhanu said...


thats a beautiful song.. i agree..

ubiquitous ,

if i can ask - ravana, you mean the one with ten heads ? or i'm completely out of context ?

Φ said...


Ash said...

hey rohini ....
u too relaxing at home too buds
nice lyrics .....


the_ego_has_landed said...

sumi- hey welcome back after so long!:)

rashmi-thanks! I'm kind of addicted to the song now..hehehe

ramses- :):):)

ubiquitous- yeah man even I kept thinking why heads??But no clue...maybe he's a flirt?!!lol:p(some Logic) no i dont think he thought of Ravana....hahaha and have a blast on ur trip!:) happy n safe journey!:)

the_ego_has_landed said...

hey phi...thanks for visiting:)

hey ash..dont u just love to do NOTHING! hahaha

hey bhanu..yeah she meant that ravanna...hahha

kiraN said...

nice words.. :)

Ash said...

hey rohini buddy

dropped in wish u a very very merry christmas

love n hugs

the_ego_has_landed said...

hey kiron thanks!
ash! thanks buddy! Wish u merry christmas too!:):)

SquirmsteR said...

Ego...I loved the lyrics!! I like Good Charlotte, but I don't think I have heard that song! How crazy is that!! Thanks for telling me to check it out on my blog....I would have seen it because I always have to stop by and check on ya;) but Thanks for telling me anyway!!

I hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! :P