Sunday, December 11, 2005


The other day I cooked. I made stew with my granddad!:) It was so much fun…especially cause I haven’t cooked in such a long time!! I took pictures too-something I did on impulse as the ingredients looked so colorful and natural:)

I had gone out the whole day and when I came back home…my mom asked me to help my granddad cook stew. At first I was reluctant cause of my blah mood and I was tired but agreed anyway.

Cutting the veggies

So I started with the carrots,then the potatoes,and chopped celery..yeah chopped leaves! It looks so easy when people do it..but I looked at the leaves and thought ‘How the hell do u chop leaves!?’: Being a perfectionist this thought occurred to me.I had to get them right and equal..then I said screw just has to be without any aim,just chopped!

Onto the stove

Putting in most of the veggies into crackling oil I began stirring. So I stirred..and it took forever!!
I took this pic before the cabbage,carrots and potatoes went in.

I had lots of fun! :)

The end results – satisfaction and felt good about the whole thing,spending quality time with granddad, didn’t laze around and a healthy dinner for all!


ani said...

oh yes i atleast saw your hand now!! so it'll take like another 14 yrs to see the rest of u?? hehe...
i'd have tried it too except neither do i have the recipie nor a grandad :(
and u being a perfectionist??? woah i dint kno that!! gotta keep a watch for more of this!
...but was good fun readin it.. keep 'em comin!! :)

Ramses-The Ego's Altered said...

hehehe ro so and cooking are long time enemies:P

aaha despite ur blah mood u made this:-?..intweshting!

me wants to eat ur stew:(:(

the pic looks so colooooooooorful!!!!:D

vishwa said...

You forgot to mention the taste of the delicacy? How was it, pushable, okay, or utterly horrible(i mean, utterly delicious!).
Every time i prepare tea, i goof up. Somehow it ends up being anything other than tea. Wonder why.

Ubiquitous said...

Blah mood :D:D =))

Sorry for coming in late =(

Glad you had so much fun :):)

Hey check my post now.. my tag post in rhyme =)

Have a great evening on whenever you check this message.

P.S: Bspot has weird time sense anyways :-/

the_ego_has_landed said...

hehe ani thanks:)

Rams- I loved the colours too! But I worked on in the contrasts..but no added "colours" lol:)

Vishwa- I love cooking..and usually it turns out good..and this time was pretty good:)

Ubi- Ur so right!!!Blogspot has weird sense of timinG!lol

Bhanu said...


The pics looks pretty colourful!! :)

Hope you've enjoyed eating them as much as you enjoyed cooking :)

*now , grinding teeth not allowed*


the_ego_has_landed said...

bhanu-hehe..even ur comment makes me grin!;)

Ash said...

hey Ro,
me trying cooking with my flatmates ...wont turn up like Bhanu's burnt potatoes though still we have fun and akind of satisfaction in eating what we made with our own hands........

cool yaaaaaaar!!!!
i hoped u enjoyed both ccooking and feasting .....

Merry christmas

chez said...

looks yummy!